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Remembering My Old Dogs on National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day so I wanted to take a moment to remember the dogs I used to have in my life. We only have cats now, but my pets are always a part of the family.


Squirt was my first dog. I got him after my hamsters died due to a verbal slip up by my dad. We were looking at new hamsters, but I was interested in this guinea pig. He was black with a crescent auburn streak on one side of his head.

As we looked at him – me pleading pretty please, can I have him?

My dad said offhandedly, “Those need to be walked. Might as well have a dog then.”

And just like that, I latched onto those words he couldn’t take back. I wanted a puppy!!

He was super friendly and playful. He lived a relatively short life for a dog due to developing doggy diabetes, but he was well loved.


I really miss the ol’ Pudgemeister. We got him, a Pekinese, after we finished mourning the loss of Squirt. He was so friendly and energetic, always wanting to play ball. He cracked me up the way he’d kick his ball around with his front paws like a furry little soccer player. He’d also lay on his side and bat at the ball which he put just out of reach.

The dog knew how to exercise laying down!

I miss him, but don’t think I’d want to bring him back to life now. He was pretty old and in pain when he finally took the big sleep. Plus, he already resembled Frankenweenie with his stitched up eye socket. Poor dog lost an eye during the holidays one year. It made him look tough and gruff, but he was such a teddy bear.


Do you have a dog you wish to honor today?

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Sunday 26th of August 2012

My family has always had dogs. The first one I really remember was a black lab. He grew up quick and was bigger than me and my mom got scared he would hurt me cause we did a lot of rolling and tumbling in the yard...they gave him to farmer where he got to run after cows...and we got to visit him.

After that they got me a pekinese. She lived to be an old dog too.

My grandmother had lots of dogs as well. She went for the little ones like miniature poodles. One right after the other...usually at least 2 at a time. The last one she has is mine now and we have a beagle in the house, and a large lab/pit mix outside.

Dogs are wonderful!


Sunday 26th of August 2012

We have had quite a few days, but did have our favorites. Our first dog, Noli, was a beagle mix and a sweetheart. We rescued her from a farm. She was 17 when we lost her. Another beagle we had more recently was Annie. She was from the animal shelter and a sweetie. She died very unexpectedly from intestinal necrosis, very surprising and unusual. We had her about 5 or 6 years. This past April we had to have our lab mix, Olivia, put down. It broke our hears. She was a sweet and lovable dog. She had just turned 16 and could no longer get up or walk. She had been failing other was too. We are now down to two dogs now. We have an 11 year old terrier mix, Marley, from a litter we fostered for the shelter. (The lab was from the very first litter we fostered.) The terrier is a nut case but a nice dog. Our other dog is a pit bull our son got from a friend who wanted to make sure the puppies didn't go to homes where they would be trained to be mean. She was hit by a car which broke her back. The vet cannot believe how well she has recovered. She, Abbey, is 4 and another nutty dog. We didn't have her tail docked and she spends half her time chasing it. She entertains herself well. She spends hours tossing balls, etc. and chasing them.

We are trying to to get any more, but they are such a welcome addition to the family.


Sunday 26th of August 2012

Had no idea it was National dog day. I have 2 senior dogs and one of them is diabetic. I also lost one my boxers this past Feb and a westie last October. I miss Tasha and Pebbles wevery single day!



Sunday 26th of August 2012

I remember a few:

Prissy who would always run away and bite us when we came to take her home.

Snowie whose first toy was a ten foot piece of rope and who got carsick during evacuation for Hurricane Andrew.

Petey who would run around in circles when we said the word "cat."

Baby who would do a dance when I brought out the comforter.

Percy who got handmade Halloween and parade costumes, along with birthday parties. He was my pre-kids dog.