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Pregnancy Journal: 19 Weeks!


Kick, baby, kick! I’m definitely feeling baby moving around more frequently, but am looking forward to the power kicks yet to come. I never got any footage of my dancing belly with Rissa and am hoping for to get it this time! I found it fun to watch. Unfortunately, Rissa would stop when Brian got near. He never got to see it or felt her kick maybe once or twice.

To doula or not to doula that is the question. I’m interested but not sure we can afford it right now. But with my fears of possibly being induced (almost was last time due to the gestational diabetes) I think one might be just what I need.

Speaking of gestational diabetes… yeah, guess who has NOT heard the results yet from the three hour test last Saturday? Yep, this girl. I’m a little peeved at how long it takes them to report results to me. If I have it, time is ticking along without treating my high blood sugar levels which are bad for baby’s growth and development.

I am starting to feel like I am way more concerned than they are about it. I mean, I should be concerned, yes, but it’s like they are not. I don’t remember my last OB dragging her feet this much. (Though I think I called to check on the one hour screening results since I hadn’t heard anything by the day I was told I should know. Then my OB was out and someone else called me back… I think.)

Thinking about the nursery… and wondering about updating the look. Add more color to the walls. Rearrange it. I’m not quite sure what but Brian is probably going to sigh and roll his eyes when I’m not looking. LOL It’s just right now it’s so directed for Rissa only. Even if it’s another girl, I want it to look like their room, y’know?

How often do you update the look of your children’s walls?

Olivia L

Sunday 8th of July 2012

I had GD with both my pregnancies. If you're concerned you might have GD (it's about 90% likely if you had it before) and about the effects of the high blood sugar on baby, then stop eating high sugar/carbohydrate foods (bread, potatoes, soda, etc.) until you hear back. That's how you'd manage GD anyway. Good luck!


Monday 9th of July 2012

I've had it before so I'm familiar with how to manage it, but my highest numbers were fasting...can't control that with food alone. That's where the insulin came in. I was mostly okay with meals but again diet and exercise alone was not enough last time. Once they get back to me I know I'll need to have yet another appointment before actual treatment starts so there's no excuse for them taking a week each time.

MJ from iNeedaPlaydate

Saturday 7th of July 2012

So much on your mind! I was induced with my second and it made for a much more "enjoyable" experience but that was me and everyone is different. Fingers crossed for you about the results of your test - no news, good news?


Monday 9th of July 2012

Definitely a lot on my mind! Unfortunately they are just slow and wait a week each time to call me :( I got the call today and have GD again.

I know it's different for everyone, like you said. With GD they usually want to induce around 39 weeks. I like non medicated labor and I know induction increases the chance of a c-section. I'd prefer not to go that route unless baby is really in danger... Though scheduling is nice because of knowing.

I might be fine, Rissa came before her scheduled arrival! It's just beyond my control.