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Portable Battery Chargers are a Must for a Savvy Mom

Do you use your smartphone or tablet a lot? Do you use them for business and entertainment while on the go and far from an outlet? Yeah, me too. I even use my phone a lot at home, but it always hits low battery when I need it and can’t sit by an outlet to plug it in.

Don't get caught with a dead battery!

Don’t get caught with a dead battery!

Benefits of a Portable Battery Charger

  • Charge on the go
  • Charge while using
  • Emergency battery back up

I use mine while traveling, at conferences and even at home! It seems like my phone always needs to charged when I need to use it. I’m on my phone a lot because it’s how I document our daily lives via photos and video, read while nursing, and do everything else social and blogging while on the go. Most of the time it is easier to use my phone sporadically throughout the day rather than my laptop.

We also let Rissa use a tablet and an old iPhone that works on WiFi (but doesn’t have any other service anymore) to play educational preschool apps (like Yo Gabba Gabba’s Hello Friends!) and read ebooks. That’s a lot of devices needing to charge up and only so many outlets and cables to get it done with….

A Simpler Portable Charger

The first portable battery charger I ever had for my phone was pretty slick – or so I thought. It was slim and compact, but it had several different cords and adapters. It became frustrating to keep track of them and what plugged in where and when. Plus, the charge on it didn’t last very long. Oh and I could only recharge it by having it plugged into my laptop.

Last year I bought a New Trent charger to take to BlogHer. It came in handy throughout the conference as well as to keep our phones topped off while enduring a 4 hour delay at the airport. I loved that it plugged into the wall to charge up the device, then used my phone’s normal charging cable to connect for extra juice. Less to keep track of and super easy to use. That’s when my love affair with my New Trent charger started and led to me receiving a new one to test out.

My Newest New Trent Portable Charger – Doing Double Duty

You can check out my video review of the New Trent iCarrier Dual Portable Battery Charger below (Amazon referral link:

  • 8-10 hours to charge the unit
  • About 500 charge cycles
  • Fits into pockets, purses, backpacks, etc.
  • Two USB ports allowing 2 devices to charge at the same time
  • Can use your mobile device while charging
  • Works with most major mobile devices

Have you ever run out of battery at a bad time? What happened?

Have you used a portable charger before? A New Trent charger?