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Party Snacks | Bacon Cheese Ball Recipe

I’ve seen cheese balls, I’ve heard of them… but I’d never made one nor eaten one until recently. I suddenly decided I wanted to make one! (Bizarre, I know.)  But, after browsing a few Tastefully Simple recipes and thinking about what I was hungry for, I went for it. It looked easy enough and I like quick and easy! And, I shaped it like a football!



  • 8oz cream cheese
  • 4.5 Tbs bacon pieces
  • 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 8oz shredded cheese

I used Bacon Bacon from Tastefully Simple and mild cheddar cheese. You could use real crumbled bacon (I think?) or Bacon Bits.


1. Soften cream cheese.

2. Mix everything together in a bowl. I suggest using your hands (gloved or not) because a spoon won’t mix as well.

3. Shape it how you want: a ball or a log. (For the football I made it oval and pressed 3 upside down pretzels into it.)

4. Chill in the fridge.

5. Serve with pretzels, crackers, or beer bread.

I’m not sure how spreadable it should be, but it tastes yummy in chunks on top of crackers!

Super Bowl Super Snacks, Dips & Appetizers #sb48

Thursday 16th of January 2014

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Kim A

Saturday 11th of February 2012

That sounds like an easy enough recipe to make. I didn't see this in time for the Super Bowl, but I usually don't have cheese balls anyway (I make dips). I guess you can shape it into whatever you want...maybe a heart-shaped one for Valentine's Day?


Friday 27th of January 2012

Oh cool! I am surprised at how easy that is to make, thanks for sharing the great idea and recipe!


Saturday 28th of January 2012


Lauren McMasters

Friday 27th of January 2012

Ingredients: 16 Ounces Cream Cheese 1 Jar Cheese Whiz 1 Dash Worcestershire Sauce 2 Cup Chopped Pecans 1 Package Crackers

Method of Preparation: Mix all ingredients together excluding chopped pecans and form into ball Roll in chopped pecans Chill Serve with crackers


Saturday 28th of January 2012

Thanks for sharing! I have to try this! If you are interested in having it featured, let me know and send a pic :)


Friday 27th of January 2012

Wowwy-Zowwy, this is the PERFECT Super Bowl snack food for my friends and family members, FOR SURE! It looks totally cute, too...BONUS! If it includes bacon & cheese, I want more of it! Thank you SO MUCH for this delicious sounding recipe, I'm trying it. Another great hit at our Super Bowl festivities is Chili Cheese dip, SUPER BIG HIT! It's very simple and goes like this....

1. 1 8 oz. block of Velveta cheese 2. 1 can of chili (I use Hormel HOT! chili) with NO Beans, unless you like beans. 3. I pound of ground beef, browned (cooked well), and drained of all fat.


In a crock pot, mix all the ingredients (Velveta, 1 can of chili (with or without beans), and browned & drained ground beef) together & keep warm until all eaten up! Super-Duper Yummy!

Enjoy! Thank you for allowing me to share this tastey treat (I hope)!



Friday 27th of January 2012

Thanks! :) And thank you for sharing your recipe! We make a similar one. If you are interested in having me post yours (with credit to you of course!) let me know. I'd just need a photo of it.