Rock Star Themed Printable Sight Words Workbook

Looking for ways to help your kids work practice writing sight words? This rock star themed printable includes 10 pages of traceable sight words, plus pictures they can color. Rock Star Themed Printable Sight Words Workbook This post contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission at no additional


Christopher Robin Printable Coloring Pages and Activities

When's the last time you visited the Hundred Acre Wood? Winnie the Pooh and his friends are synonymous with childhood. But what happens when you grow up and memories of those childhood adventures fade away? Walt Disney's Christopher Robin movie is coming to theaters on August 3, 2018, making it the perfect


2018 Chicago Baby Show Ticket Giveaway!

Confession: I still love browsing baby gear even though my youngest is five years old. I also love to share helpful information and resources about all things baby related with my friends and of course – you! This is why I'm looking forward to attending the 2018 Chicago Baby Show in August.


Drawing on Windows: Fun Indoor Activity for Kids

Have your kids ever drawn on your walls? Do they hate sitting down to practice writing? Then I have a fun indoor activity your kids will love… letting them draw on the windows! I know, I know. But hear me out! My kids have marked up my walls and drawn on things


Preschool and Kindergarten Activities: Printable Fairy Tale Workbook

Looking for fun printable learning activities for preschool and kindergarten aged children? My kids love center time at school. They got super excited when I mentioned setting up centers at home for them over summer break. Our free printable Fairy Tale workbook is perfect for a homeschool writing center or to use


How to Talk With Young Kids About Sexuality Education Topics

Have your kids ever asked you embarrassing questions? Loudly? In public? Does the thought of explaining where babies come from make you cringe? I used to think I'd be totally cool when my kids asked questions about sex, except none of those conversations happened the way I imagined it. Hopefully these tips


10 Family Board Games Played in 20 Minutes

Do you love to play board games with your family, but find the kids lose focus if the game is too long? Or you struggle to find kid-friendly games that are also fun for adults? We play a lot of games at our house, some are longer and some are super quick.


Why I Took My Kids to Origins Game Fair

We started our summer off with a bang by heading out for a road trip the morning after the last day of school. Both of my kids were buzzing with excitement even though they didn't fully know what our adventure would entail. What they did know was it would involve board games


How to Make Out of This World Galaxy Oobleck

Have you ever made oobleck? It’s a mix between slime and a sensory tub and provides a wonderful way to explore science hands-on for preschool and kindergarten kids. Try this fun galaxy oobleck version for a kid-pleasing twist that puts the art in STEAM! How to Make Out of This World Galaxy


How to Make an Ocean Zone Density Jar

Are your kids fascinated by the ocean? Have they ever asked how deep it is? This ocean zone density jar science activity is a fun and engaging way to teach kids about the ocean layers. It's a great visual, allowing them to see the difference between ocean zones. This activity uses regular