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Once I Wanted to Be a Scrapbooker…

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Once upon a time in my life pre-children, I wanted to be a scrapbooker. It was only a mild interest as I transitioned from high school to college. I had so many pictures and memories I wanted to put together. The kit started it all. Someone gave me a little starter kit that had an album, plastic sleeves, colored paper, and some stickers. I sorted through tons of photographs and cut out quotes from magazines.

Sure, I pasted a handful of pictures into the book and doodled inside jokes and names with my glittery pens, but that was as far as I got. The box for the kit got packed away and is still in a storage container in my basement today.

My desire to scrapbook re-surged as college ended. I wanted to be crafty and have a creative outlet besides writing. Hobbies are good to have right? Ones that don’t involve a video game controller, I mean.

It hit an all time high while I was working third shift at a group home for disabled children. I somehow took over decorating the bulletin board for seasons and holidays. I went above and beyond and they loved it – the kids and staff. I had a knack for it! Clearly I had hidden talents.

Despite having stacks of pictures, I decided I needed more supplies before I could begin scrapbooking. I bought special paper, edging scissors, buttons, stamps, stickers, quotes, more paper, cutouts, a die cutting machine….

My hobby became buying scrapbook supplies.  I was like an insane woman going to craft shops and bidding for things on eBay but I never made a thing. I literally spent hundreds of dollars on supplies I never opened. Buying was fun… actually sitting down and doing it was not.

Eventually I quit buying useless (for me) supplies. I used some of the stuff I had for other projects so I guess it wasn’t a complete waste. Too bad I also bought candle and soap making supplies before I realized I was doing it again. A few years ago I gave away and sold whatever unused supplies I could from all three failed hobbies.

I just wasn’t cut out for it, I guess.

Have you ever tried to start a hobby but quit along the way?

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