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New Mama’s Day: Baby, You’re Unpredictable

{Please welcome Lindsey!}

As a new Mama, I’ve come to realize that my child will always do the exact opposite of what I say. Even at ripe old age of almost 1, she has learned to defy her Mother and do her own thing, on her own time.

Want a perfect example?

When Sophia was on the eve of her 8 month birthday, I wrote a blog post about how she despised crawling. I speculated that she might just walk and skip crawling altogether. She fussed and cried every time she was put on her hands and knees and would immediately pull up on sturdy objects when she was sat near them. So, what did she do… she crawled for the first time later that night!!! Talk about a strong-willed little girl wanting to always prove her Mama wrong.

It seems that lately she’s been learning something new everyday. She now knows how to wave “Bye Bye”, “blow kisses”, raise her hand when asked, clap, kick her feet, and do “lizard” tongue. She’s even began walking! But what hasn’t changed is her ability to prove me wrong… She still holds out and makes her Mama look silly. When I’m so excited to show friends and family the new things she’s learned, she refuses {and immediately does them when their backs are turned or as soon as we’re home alone.}

Does this mean my child will always work hard in life to prove me wrong? I hope so… on the good things at least! I hope it means that she’s going to always be an independent girl who doesn’t follow, but is a leader. I hope she’s a young lady that does things when she wants to and not when she’s influenced to. If that’s the case, as a new Mama I’ve learned to wave my white flag and surrender to this little girl’s strong will… well, in some instances!

What about your child? Does he/she always do the opposite of what you say he/she will do?

Lindsey is a stay-at-home mom to one adorable, very active little lady, who just turned 1! When she’s not chasing down her rambunctious babe, she’s blogging at So Easy Being Green, a mom blog dedicated to helping others become a little green-er, one step at a time!

{Lindsey is hosting a month long birthday bash right now too!}

Gladys Parker

Saturday 7th of May 2011

My daughter would never do things around anyone else. I think now it was probably shyness. She would do these cute things around only us at home. I really enjoy hearing things from other mothers that my children do as well, Thanks for sharing!

Gladys P


Friday 6th of May 2011

My kids prove me wrong daily. I think they view my thoughts as challenges!! I wouldn't have it any other way, I want kids who will stand up to challenges!! I'm going to follow your blog now!!