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Never Say Never With Infertility

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When talking about the issues we had conceiving our daughter, I was always hesitant to use the word infertility. I’d leave it at issues conceiving, but did not consider myself to be dealing with infertility. To me, infertility was a major issue diagnosed by a doctor that said I could never have children of my own…or at least not in the conventional way.

But, that’s not correct. Infertility is defined as unable to conceive naturally after 12 months of trying.


Good lord, we tried for 3 years before finally being blessed with Rissa. Yet I still hate saying I had infertility problems. We don’t really know why we struggled. Infertility is this big scary unknown that plagues lots of couples. It’s stressful, it’s painful, and others just don’t “get it.”

Believe me, the hardest thing to hear is “why aren’t you pregnant yet? Get on it!” like lack of effort was the problem. We knew the main problem was my irregular ovulation cycle. We don’t know WHY it was irregular, but we knew we were working with the need to shoot blindly into the dark.

Now, we did end up conceiving naturally. It IS possible for some (not all) to still achieve this without the aid of fertility drugs and procedures. The testing we had done was frustrating because everything came back “normal and healthy.” We just kept trying. The window for conception is pretty small and like searching for a needle in a haystack when you don’t have a regular cycle to go by.

And who knows why it suddenly worked? Was it just our timing was always off? Or did some other factors help make way finally?

I just know it was a relief. And I hope it can give someone else hope that they can overcome infertility too.

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