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How to Entertain a 3 Month Old Baby [VIDEO]

Newborns in the early days are relatively easy: eat, sleep, poop, repeat. Around 6-8 weeks old, babies start to be awake longer and get fussy if you aren’t entertaining them since they can’t really do anything yet. The fun starts to ramp up as your little one leaves the newborn stage around 3 months old. These babies are more alert, they interact with you, and they are becoming more interested in the world around them.

2013-03-03 19.26.46

They have likely discovered their hands by now…

And starting to grasp toys as well as reach out and bat at things. Their arms and legs are still uncoordinated, so attempts to bring objects to their mouths can cause frustration.

That’s where my baby boy, Xander, is at now. He is 3 months old, very alert, and wants to be loved on and entertained. Toys (and his energetic sister) captivate him for short periods of time.

2013-03-11 11.15.02

He loves sitting up, but doesn’t care much for tummy time. While on his back he can scoot around a little when he pushes off the floor with his feet.

His smiles come easy, but it takes a little more effort to make him laugh. (Being skillful in the art of making farting noises with your mouth helps a great deal).

x and r march 2013 collage

I’m slowly able to add a few more tasks into my days, but I am mostly still on survival mode. A toddler + infant combo is unpredictable. If Rissa is too loud or upset, Xander’s lower lip starts to quiver. It is my only warning before a double meltdown and it doesn’t always trigger. I can’t blame him too much for being upset along with his sister. I foresee a partnership in the future.

Here’s a little video of me entertaining Xander with some new toys from Tiny Love. The My Nature Pals Stroll bar is designed for use with practically any car seat or stroller.


2013-02-23 12.19.28 2013-03-11 19.24.24
I do attach it to our Rocker Napper as well. It doesn’t stay up as well, but it keeps him happy! I love how adjustable it is! Anyway, it can be fun yet challenging to keep a young baby entertained. If they’ve become bored with one of your usual tactics, maybe one of the ideas listed below will help. Or, you can just play the other video of me making sounds with my mouth.

How to entertain a 3 month old baby

  • Tour the house (facing in or out; holding or babywearing)
  • Sing
  • Make silly faces
  • Make silly sounds
  • Tummy time on a bright colored and textured play mat.
  • Shake a rattle
  • Jingle a bell
  • Offer bright, bold colored toys
  • Offer contrasting patterned toys
  • Offer teethers
  • Let them suck/gum on your clean finger or hand
  • Sit them near an open window to look outside
  • Gently bounce them on your knee
  • Blow raspberries on their belly
  • Hang fun mobiles on their crib, bassinet, or car seat carrier. (We really like our Pack n Go Mini Mobile from Tiny Love – clips on anywhere.)
  • Use a toy bar

….. and that was just my Monday.


How do you keep babies entertained?


Disclosure: We received the Tiny Love toys for review.

Julie Jones

Tuesday 12th of March 2013

Is 3 months too little for a mirror? I can't remember but I used to love to put my kids in front of one. It's very entertaining for both of us.

Darcy Zalewski

Sunday 17th of March 2013

How did I forget to add mirror! You are right. Around now both my kids liked looking at that other baby :)