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How Baby Einstein Animals Helps My Toddler Learn

There is nothing better on a cranky day than to turn on some Baby Einstein Animals shows and let the kids sit and watch while you sit back, eat a piece of chocolate, vent on social media and maybe even drink a glass of wine. Seriously, Baby Einstein animals have become a lifesaver and it’s educational in the process.

There are just some days when being a full-time mom can become overwhelming. Maybe you feel touched out, or perhaps you’ve been sick and not yet feeling 100%? Why not choose a great educational show and toy option that your kids already love?

Check out how one mom uses Baby Einstein Animals toys, books and DVD's to help her toddler learn! Great ideas for baby shower gifts and birthday gifts for toddlers.

How Baby Einstein Animals Helps My Toddler Learn

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Color recognition.  One of my favorite things about all of the Baby Einstein books, movies and toys are that they are so brightly colored. If they aren’t brightly colored, they are perfect pastels. All are great for helping your kids learn about colors. It’s easy to say to your child, “where is the pink bunny” and have them point it out to you. Since they already love Baby Einstein, this is a natural choice for you to use!

Number recognition.  While not as often as other things, the Baby Einstein animals do count and use numbers. Your toddler may not learn the visual number recognition, but they will quickly learn the basics of counting 1-5 if they continue watching these videos on a regular basis.

Animal recognition.  Even as early as one-year-old, a child can recognize many animals, and using the Baby Einstein Animals gives you a boost on this. While they may not need to know what an elephant is at such a young age, it can be a great way to increase their desire to learn more about animals, have pets or even recognize not just the animal but the spelling of its name and more as they grow older.

Learning new sounds.  Animal sounds are a great thing for toddlers to practice. Not only do they have so many different vocalizations to choose from, it’s a fun game for them. If your child is slower to speak, this is another great way to make sure they are learning necessary sounds or speech without them feeling pressured.

Following directions. I love how I can see my children learning how to listen and follow directions while watching the Baby Einstein videos. Even simple things like, “be quiet and listen” are easy for them to understand and do. Following directions is a great thing for a toddler to learn early on, and especially if it is doing more than one thing.

Sharing with others. Even in the most subtle way, the animals are teaching your toddler that being kind and sharing are good qualities. I love the simple reinforcement this offers that I can follow up with in our own home with each other.

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If you are looking for a great way to teach your toddler while giving you a break to relax for a few minutes after a busy day, the Baby Einstein shows and toys are a great choice.

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