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Help Me Pick Baby Boy’s Coming Home Outfit!

About halfway through my pregnancy with my daughter I knew what her coming home outfit would be. Actually, I picked it out before I knew she was a girl! There was just no question that my baby was going to wear an adorable froggy bodysuit home from the hospital.

Now, for some reason, I am struggling to pick out an outfit for baby boy. I don’t know why but it’s too much pressure! Nothing is hitting me like “oh yes he must wear this!!” the way my daughter’s frog outfit did.

I have cute outfits for him but I just can’t decide. Will you help me?



Saturday 10th of November 2012

I'm late catching up on my e-mail, but I just saw this in there and had to chime in with #1. :)

Liza @ Views From the 'Ville

Thursday 8th of November 2012

Number 4 is my favorite :)

Emily @ My Crazy Gluten Free Life!

Wednesday 7th of November 2012

I like #3 but I loved to keep both of my boys in outfits that had little sleeve fold overs as much as possible for as long as possible to keep them from scratching themselves. I don't know if any of those outfits have them but I would pick whichever outfit had that. They're all ok, #3 stands out the most to me though.


Thursday 8th of November 2012

The duckie shirt kind of has that. My daughter hated anything covering her hands so it'll be interesting to see if this one is like that too.


Wednesday 7th of November 2012

# 4!!

Veronica De Luna

Wednesday 7th of November 2012

#5! :)