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Dad Friendly Diaper Bags: The Daddy Diaper Pack by DaddyScrubs

I personally love diaper bags. I have a few too many now, I think, but I continue to eye up more. We have yet to find that ONE, but they all have features we like and fit better for different purposes. One thing I’m guilty of is looking at “mom” patterns. Since diaper bags have essentially become my new handbags, I tend to choose colors and patterns like I would with purses.

However, Brian has to carry around the gear too. While he might not feel too embarrassed when I’m with him (it’s more obvious he’s holding it for me), I don’t think he cares to tote around a flowery bag full of Rissa’s diapers, extra clothes, snacks, etc. And with me actually taking time away for conferences and press trips, he needs a diaper bag he can call his own.

One thing I know he has struggled with in the past is juggling the bag slung over his shoulder and Rissa. I’ve had this issue too. Straps that keep falling down off the shoulder are extremely annoying and a potential accident. (I may or may not have bonked my daughter in the head in this manner…)  For him, a backpack is a pretty natural and neutral way to carry stuff around.

daddy diaper pack
We received the Daddy Diaper Pack by DaddyScrubs for review. It’s a pretty nice backpack with plenty of room in it. It easily holds everything needed for a day outing with room left over. Well, there’s room left over when packing for just our toddler (even with cloth diapers!). I suspect it will be fuller with the new baby’s stuff in there as well.

What makes the Daddy Diaper Pack different than a regular backpack?

It has compartments that cater to toting around kid stuff. The mesh pockets on the side can accommodate sippy cups, baby bottles, water bottles, etc. There is also an insulated section which is good for snacks. The buckles help keep things in place, including the pack on dad’s back. The buckle straps across the front of the bag are great for attaching items you don’t want to put IN the bag such as flip flops or a bucket.

daddy diaper bag
With three cloth diapers, a change of clothes, and a full pack of disposable wipes, I barely filled the main compartment halfway. (Yes, I forgot to stick a wetbag in there, but those don’t take up much room.)  This is just the bare minimum of what we must take when out and about for a few hours.

The main compartment is split into two. Now, with just one child, I’d use one for all the clean stuff and one to hold the dirties. But with a second child being added on, I’d use one section for each, making it easier to find the diapers and change of clothes each kid needs. While I love super roomy backpacks and other bag types, it is annoying to have to dig and try to fish out what you are looking for in a seemingly bottomless pit!

The strap design seems to make it easier to get the pack on and off while holding baby, which is important too!

This is the type of diaper bag that will continue to get use beyond the diapers too, making it a great value for $69.95.

daddyscrubs diaper bag

Look at Brian rock this manly diaper bag!

Does the daddy in your life need a diaper bag he can call his own?


Disclosure: We received a Daddy Diaper Pack for review. Now he has no excuse as to why he can’t carry diapers around town!


Sunday 18th of November 2012

Now that's a diaper bag my husband will actually carry!


Saturday 17th of November 2012

I love how it looks like a regular backpack.

joanna garcia

Saturday 17th of November 2012

finally stuff for the dads!!! i love this idea and concept! This would be perfect for the hubby to wear!

Priscilla Benavides

Saturday 10th of November 2012

This would be perfect for my husband! We are expecting a baby in April!


Saturday 10th of November 2012


Austin Baroudi

Wednesday 7th of November 2012

This looks great! Now I will finally be able to carry aound a diaper bag with out people staring :P