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Final Blissdom Recap, Takeaways and Thoughts

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There is always a lot to take in after attending a conference. I’m not always good with the follow up. In the past I’d get too overwhelmed with the ever growing to-do list plus all the things that needed my attention upon returning home. This time I’m going to do it different though. This time I will follow up and make an effort to maintain the connections I made. I’m also going to chip away at my to-do list.

Mama got some new head shots done at Blissdom.  Yay!

Mama got some new head shots done at Blissdom. Yay!

And hang tight… soon I’ll be asking for your help on a few decisions around this place. It’s not just my space, it’s your space too. Now, just don’t sit in my spot on the couch though. It’s perfectly padded for my butt, is by an end table for my water, and I can balance the laptop perfectly on the arm so I can work while nursing.

Who said multitasking is a myth? ;)

Conference Takeaways

(Blissdom Takeaways Video)

  • Connect with others.
  • Choose your legacy.
  • Be social, be personable, be helpful… be real. BE ME.
  • And… whatever else I said in the video above. (Should have transcribed it, eh?)

Here are some more awesome tidbits that I could not have said better myself (feel free to retweet them if they resonate with you!):


Positive vs. Negative Blissdom Reports

(Blissdom Recap video)

Experiences vary. I’ve read and heard that some people loved their time at Blissdom, others hated it and many fell somewhere in the middle. I enjoyed my time there and think it is unfortunate that others did not have the same experience as I did. I attended BlogHer last year and while I had moments I enjoyed, overall I found attending it to be a waste of time and money for me.

Others loved it.

Who’s telling the truth?

All of us.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you know I’m not perfect, I don’t pretend to be, and I’m honest. I’m a bit shy in a large group of unfamiliar people, but I’m rarely rude (for no reason). I didn’t always feel comfortable approaching people to start conversations with, but I’d smile as I passed by. I’d engage with those who approached me. A few times I would be standing with someone and neither of us said much because we both weren’t sure what else to say.

Admittedly, I spent most of my time with a few familiar faces and with a couple new people I met and hit it off with right away. But, there were other times I was on my own and went with the flow. I’m glad I didn’t run into the mean girls I’ve heard about. I don’t doubt that they were there – but most people I encountered were pleasant.

So my honest honest honest opinion of Blissdom?

  • Keynote speakers were motivational and great to listen to.
  • Some sessions were lacking in learning, but I was able to find something of value in each (even if it was simply a reminder of something I need to do/fix/update).
  • I liked the overall schedule structure and organization.
  • If you find people you connect with it makes a huge difference. You may find them where you least expect it and not be who you thought.
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