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Family Game Night With Jenga Tetris & Tetris Cookies!

For a fun family game night, we received Jenga Tetris from Hasbro to play and review.


2013-11-17 16.44.19


Do you remember classic Tetris? I do. I remember playing it on the computer and on my friend’s Game Boy. We had just about every PC version on Tetris ever made. LOVED that game. I was pretty good at it too, which is probably why I can fill a mean dishwasher.

Later on, Jenga was popular on game nights. I would even play it alone to see how tall I could make it before it fell over. While it didn’t require a lot of building creativity, it required a steady hand.

2013-11-17 16.53.34

Now Hasbro has combined these two classic games into one, offering nostalgia and fun for your next family game night. Rissa helped me make Tetris-shaped cookies with the cookie cutter set I bought from ThinkGeek.

2013-11-17 19.08.03

We had fun baking and decorating them all so we could eat them while playing our new game.

2013-11-17 19.12.02

You aren’t really fitting the pieces together like in classic Tetris, but they add difficulty to the Jenga tower. You stack them up and still need to remove them from the tower and add them to the top. The pieces are laying flat, but now you are trying to remove different shapes. This can make things a little trickier. We noticed that the blocks slide around on top of each other more too.

2013-11-17 19.27.00

Rissa found the game to be fun, but preferred to build her own creations.. like this castle.

Unfortunately, she got frustrated when the blocks fell over. Ah, well, we all had fun until Xander took off with a block in each hand!

Are you up to the challenge?