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Easy Placemat Weaving Craft Activity

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This easy placemat weaving craft activity is the perfect way to brighten up your table during the holidays. This craft activity is quick and easy, doesn’t cost a lot in materials, and adds a special touch at each table setting. You could even hang it on the wall if you wanted to!

Fun and easy placemat craft for special occasions.

Do you have a certain section of the store that you always wind up in – even if nothing from that aisle is on your list?

I’d say 9 times out of 10, I end up in the craft section when we go to Walmart. Sometimes I have a craft project in mind. Other times I wander around, letting inspiration strike as I browse supplies. While I was in the paper craft aisle at Walmart, I recalled weaving paper to make placemats when I was a little kid.

Where to find Scotch® Expressions Glitter Tape at Walmart

I decided to share this nostalgic craft with my kids, and put our own creative spin on it. I picked out several colors of Scotch® Expressions Glitter Tape and some colored card stock.

Easy Placemat Weaving Craft Activity

Not only is this project simple to make, but it is an affordable craft activity for the whole family. My kids loved working on this with me so much they kept asking to make more placemats. I love how I can take my inspiration and be hands-on with Scotch™ Brand.

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Materials needed:

  • Scotch® Expressions Glitter Tape Platinum, Red, Green, and any other color you like
  • Card stock or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Laminator (optional)

Directions to make your own placemats:

Select two pieces of paper. You can choose two different colors or stick with white paper.

Tutorial on making a paper placemat

Take Paper A and fold it in half. Use a ruler or another straight edge to draw lines. Cut along the lines starting at the FOLD but do not cut all the way to the end. (I drew a line across to ensure I stopped at the same point each time.)

Open the paper and lay it flat.

Placemat paper weaving craft project

Take Paper B and lay it down horizontally so it is longer than it is tall. Use a ruler to measure and cut the strips of paper. You will use these to weave through the other one.

Creative paper placemat decor

Use Scotch® Expressions Glitter Tape to decorate the paper strips. Weave the strips through Paper A.

Using glitter tape for paper weaving craft.

Use Scotch® Expressions Glitter Tape Platinum along the edges to secure the strips and make a pretty decorative border. If you are not planning to laminate your placemats, you must secure the strips of paper you weaved through your placemat.

Alternatively, you can weave your placemat first, then decorate as you wish with the Scotch® Expressions Glitter Tape. This is how my kids preferred to make theirs. I prepped all of their supplies, then provided pieces of the Scotch® Expressions Glitter Tape as requested. It was a great fine motor activity for them to stick pieces of tape to their placemats.

How to use glitter tape to weave a DIY placemat

For fun, I also created a placemat by weaving strips of Scotch® Expressions Glitter Tape. I used two pieces of tape stuck together to create each glittery strip. I weaved the strips together carefully on top of a piece of paper to make it easier to place inside a laminator pouch. I love how it turned out!

To protect and preserve your placemats, I suggest laminating them. The Scotch® Create Thermal Laminator is perfect for creative projects like this! Click here to find more crafty inspiration for your next project.

Cute and easy placemat craft

From festive holiday decor to fun personal creations, the versatility of Scotch® Expressions Tapes turn everyday projects into something special. I love how easy it is to recreate this placemat craft project in a variety of ways just by using different Scotch® Expressions Tapes. You could make custom birthday placemats for your kids, use team colors for football parties, or different holiday themes throughout the year. The possibilities are limitless! 

[AD] Love how easy and affordable this glittery placemat craft activity is! Let the kids help you create unique placemats to use as part of your holiday table decor. It's a quick craft kids will love working on with you! #EverydayCraftMoments #CollectiveBias

Stacey Werner - client

Tuesday 28th of November 2017

I love how these turned out! I especially enjoy the one that is all glitter tape. So cool.

I remember making these when I was little. Such a great project for kids.

Darcy Zalewski

Wednesday 29th of November 2017

Thanks, Stacey! I'm loving the glitter tape and have a few more projects in mind. :)