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Cloth By Day, Cloth By Night – Night Time Diaper Options

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Night Diaper! (say it in a sing songy voice to the tune of Hot Pockets! and you’ll get a giggle)

Oh the woes that night wetting can bring. This was definitely an area that scared me when we switched to cloth. I know some people will continue to use disposable at night, but I was determined to go cloth all the way.

If we could make it work!

The first thing you need to know for our situation is that Rissa rarely fusses to be changed. I certainly can’t count on her waking me before she soaks us in bed, but luckily we’ve only experienced a few minor night time leaks. Rissa basically sleeps through the night other than  few sleepy latches. Our night diaper has to really soak it up since she’s in it for a good 12 hours.

Honestly, it’s hard to give her a trim night diaper. I don’t mind bulk as much at night, though I think she looks kinda funny (in a cute way). I know it’s possible to use flats or prefolds at night, but I prefer a fitted or a pocket diaper for overnight. I don’t like All-in-Ones (AIO) for night time because it seems like there isn’t any more room to add boosters!

To the Max

When it comes to bedtime, I want maximum absorbency. I can’t guess how much she’ll wee or when, so I need to know that if I stuff – how much will work without giving her a complex about her butt. This is why I like pocket diapers at night. I feel like I have way more control over the absorbency. I can add an extra insert or prefold to beef up the soaking power. But! I also know the lining will help whisk the moisture away, keeping her skin dry. Some mornings she’s a little rashy because of the wetness, but most of the time she’s all good!

Cloth Diapers I’ve Tried Overnight

  • Mother-ease
  • Sandy’s
  • Thirsties Fab Fitted
  • Nifty Nappy
  • Thirsties Duo Diaper
  • Charlie Banana
  • Bumgenuis
  • Tiny Tush
  • GroVia

Covers used for the fitteds

  • Tweedlebug
  • Econobum
  • Thirsties Duo Wrap
  • GroVia (it fit over Thirsties Fab Fitted – snug but worked!)
  • bebeMellons Wool Cover

My Go-To Night Diapers

My absolute favorite night time diapers are Thirsties – Duo Diaper and Fab Fitted. I like the fit, the roomy tunnels in both for stuffing, and that they unstuff in the wash. I find getting super stuffed, sopping inserts out of a pocket diaper that I used overnight to be very… ucky. I’m also loving my introduction to wool…but more on that later in the event!

I do like Bumgenius and Tiny Tush for their roominess for stuffing as well, so I’ll grab them next if I don’t have Thirsties available for the night!

[Update: As a toddler we liked Knickernappies pocket OS with Thirsties hemp doubler or the SuperDo!]

What do you use for night diaper(s)? Have a favorite?

Don’t forget to see what Formula Mom and Mama On a Green Mission have to say about their night diapering experiences!

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