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Tips for Keeping a Clean Baby Nose

Keeping your baby’s nose clean is a very important task. They are unable to do it themselves and must rely on mom and dad to do it for them. Having a stuffy nose is not healthy or safe for babies because it can affect their ability to breathe and eat. When I hear congestion in my daughter’s nose or can SEE a boogie, I have to help her out. Unfortunately, this has not been a fun or easy task!

The most common tips for keeping a clean baby nose free of mucus include:

  • Using saline nasal spray
  • Using a nasal aspirator
  • Using a vaporizer or cool mist humidifier
  • Having a steam bath

I don’t know about you, but my daughter hated the nasal aspirator. It was nearly impossible to use it. When I did try, it rarely removed anything because she often had what I call “sticky boogies.”  The bulb syringes are made to suck out liquidy mucus, but they do little to help clear nasal passages of hard, dried boogers. You know, those ones that just want to hang on?

I’ve gone nuts trying to get them out of her nose. Tiny nostrils make it tough to “pick” her nose for her. Tweezers seem dangerous. I’ve attempted with Qtips but it’s not very safe to stick those up a baby’s nose. All these ways have led to protests, red irritated noses, and crying. Lots and lots of crying.

When I learned about the Boogie Snatcher as a way to clean a baby nose, it sounded so brilliantly simple. It’s a great complementary companion for the bulb. At first I thought it was an alternative to the nasal aspirator, but the Boogie Snatcher is better for the sticky boogies. Once those are out of the way, the bulb can suck up any runny mucus left behind.

It’s very similar to tweezers, but is created for safer usage.

This product works great for babies and toddlers. If I would have had it when Rissa was a baby, I could have used it to help teach her from the start not to use her fingers and to let an adult help them clean out her nose. Unfortunately she is already starting to pick her nose (though I think she does it more out of curiosity and habit than anything else). I’m trying to teach her not to pick her nose, but she doesn’t want to let me get near her with the Boogie Snatcher while she is awake. She’s learning to wipe her nose with tissue, so that’s progress!

This is definitely handy to have on the changing table or in the diaper bag. It is inexpensive, easy to use and easy to clean. It’d be great to see it become part of those baby health and safety grooming kits, wouldn’t it?

For more information please visit, connect with them on Facebook, or visit This is a product invented by moms, for moms!


Saturday 31st of March 2012

thanks for the tips darcy. You are awesome.

Tahlia B.

Saturday 31st of March 2012

Sticky boogers ARE tricky! Thank you for reviewing this product...I had no idea something like this existed. I will definitely be looking into purchasing one or two pairs. Also, thank you for the mucus clearing tips...we're dealing with our second cold and I'm trying to stay on top of keeping the little one's nose clean without making her nose raw. I find that even though wipes can be pricey, they are much more gentler on her nose than tissue after tissue.