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Bonding With My Mother Through Motherhood

Perhaps you’re like me and didn’t always get along with your mom. Not that unusual in the teen years, right? While I won’t say we had the worst relationship ever, there were several years where I barely spoke to my mom. Avoided her, even. During that time I lived with my dad, so it was easier to give her a cold shoulder.

After I started dating my now husband, my mom and I reconnected. I forgave her and let go of the anger I was holding onto. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life hating her. It didn’t seem fair.

mom and darcy hospital collage

I look at that picture of my mom holding me on the day I was born and I feel a new connection with her. I, too, have held my own child in my arms, and marveled at the surge of complex feelings. My mom and I have something new in common – being mothers and our love for my children.

And so a new chapter in our relationship began.

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