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Baby Socks = Good Mother Status?

Some of you may have seen my tweets about this… last weekend while we were at Home Depot, an older woman was completely appalled that Rissa wasn’t wearing any socks.


It was in her tone of voice, her words, and the look on her face.

I didn’t know that the sign of good or bad mothering could be determined by whether or not a child was wearing socks!

I was holding her and we were in the store (not standing around outside). It was a nice sunny day, although the wind was a touch cool. She did have pants on and a long sleeved hoodie over her shirt.

But no socks.

My daughter cannot/willnot keep socks on! It is a never ending battle to keep them on her feet and keep them from getting lost. (and baby socks are not cheap)  So, most of the time (now that it’s no longer winter and the snow is gone!) I don’t bother with putting socks on her.

Well, this woman gasped in shock behind me and was talking about my sockless baby before she walked past us. As she walked past she remarked (in disgust) that my baby needed socks because she was cold. (While also scowling at my over her shoulder.)

I shot her a dirty look and said she was fine.

And she was fine. She was smiling and happily kicking her feet and spreading her toes like she always does. Her feet were not cool to the touch. Last time I checked, I’m not able to accurately determine what someone else’s baby needs in less than 30 seconds.

What kind of random unsolicited advice have you received?

Speaking of socks…..

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Untrained Hair Mom

Wednesday 3rd of August 2011

It is at least 110 degrees here on the daily, there is no way I would put socks on my baby. I have been "advised" that I should chemically alter my 5 year old daughters hair, to make it more "manageable" ...we love her hair the way it is, thank you very much!


Monday 23rd of May 2011

I used to get this all the time! I never put socks on my baby. Even in the winter (he was always wrapped in a blanket...who needs socks??)

I can't tell you how many (usually older) women gave me disapproving looks and comments over it.

I finally stopped being polite and just told them how it was: no matter how many socks I put on the child, he kicks them off within two minutes so what's the point?

But seriously, I think you're right that socks = sign of good mothering in many people's minds.

Luckily, those people are wrong!


Sunday 22nd of May 2011

Darcy, I just thought of something else. Does your baby have alot of hair on the head?

I have been told by Beauticians I have enough hair on my head for 5 people. Trust me this keeps my body so warm you have no idea !!!

I always said my feet control my body temp. let me know !


Sunday 22nd of May 2011

She was born with quite a bit of hair. It thinned out as her head grew but it's filling in again. I have thick hair, which overheats me easily! She probably has thick hair too.

Maria D.

Saturday 21st of May 2011

I gave up on baby socks a few months ago. Don't feel bad, going barefoot actually helps baby development! (not to mention, it saves mom's sanity, too :-P) Wow, I can't believe how rude that woman was to you, though-- who are these people and where are they from?? The thing that people love to judge about me is putting an amber teething necklace on Oscar. So it may not be the most macho thing for my baby to wear, but it helps relieve pain and keeps him quiet, so on it stays! :-P


Sunday 22nd of May 2011

Helping with development makes sense - her feet aren't restricted and she's constantly exploring with her feet!

I think little boys look fine with the teething necklaces. Kinda reminds me of surfer guys!

Kristy Campbell

Saturday 21st of May 2011

Heh! Reading this reminded me of my mother. She's always telling me that S is "too cold" when she's fine. This seems to be some sort of previous generation thing, which I don't get. I highly doubt babies have evolved to be warmer in the last 25-50 years, but ehh.

Anyway yeah. Some people out there are simply unsolicited advise-givers, and they're not going to change. I find it's easiest just to shrug and say meh. We mams know what's best for our little monkeys! :)


Sunday 22nd of May 2011

I know it took me some getting used to before I felt confident that she was dressed appropriately.... but that was also before her body could regulate her temp. A newborn is a little different than a 6 month old. But yeah, it definitely seems to be a generational thing!