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Baby Socks = Good Mother Status?

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Some of you may have seen my tweets about this… last weekend while we were at Home Depot, an older woman was completely appalled that Rissa wasn’t wearing any socks.


It was in her tone of voice, her words, and the look on her face.

I didn’t know that the sign of good or bad mothering could be determined by whether or not a child was wearing socks!

I was holding her and we were in the store (not standing around outside). It was a nice sunny day, although the wind was a touch cool. She did have pants on and a long sleeved hoodie over her shirt.

But no socks.

My daughter cannot/willnot keep socks on! It is a never ending battle to keep them on her feet and keep them from getting lost. (and baby socks are not cheap)  So, most of the time (now that it’s no longer winter and the snow is gone!) I don’t bother with putting socks on her.

Well, this woman gasped in shock behind me and was talking about my sockless baby before she walked past us. As she walked past she remarked (in disgust) that my baby needed socks because she was cold. (While also scowling at my over her shoulder.)

I shot her a dirty look and said she was fine.

And she was fine. She was smiling and happily kicking her feet and spreading her toes like she always does. Her feet were not cool to the touch. Last time I checked, I’m not able to accurately determine what someone else’s baby needs in less than 30 seconds.

What kind of random unsolicited advice have you received?

Speaking of socks…..

Ecoland Socks Winner – Samanatha! You’ve been emailed. Please respond withing 48 hours or a new winner will be selected!

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