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Baby Kisses are the Best

I remember the first time I received a baby kiss. It was soft, wet and it made my heart melt. Wasn’t even my baby. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who it was since that was many, many years ago. But now I have my own baby kisses to enjoy.

The first time I saw Rissa’s little pink mouth open like an O as she came at me, I was so happy. After months of smothering her with kisses, it felt great to get them back. Sometimes I feel bad for wiping the drool away, like I’m wiping the kiss away. Maybe it’s silly, but I never want my kids to see me doing that.

Xander is starting to give kisses out a little bit, but more under the guise of wanting to suck your face off. In fact he’s left a few suction marks. He especially likes my chin. Lately he’s found another baby to get kissy face with though… the baby in the mirror!

This video also contains Rissa counting to 4 in Spanish and some Xander tummy time. I was playing around with the Vine app on Android last month.


The only thing better than baby kisses, giggles and babbles are true hugs. That moment when your child goes from clinging to you out of security or fear to expressing love is very special. I hug and kiss my kids daily and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but when they freely give them to me because they want to… priceless.

Thank you all for your patience. My weekly newsletter launch has not been as smooth as I’d hoped this week. I hope all of you who celebrate the Fourth of July had a safe and happy holiday and that everyone is enjoying their weekend.