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A day of stories, babble and tumbling! [VIDEO]

We have one day a week that is busy busy busy so I thought I’d take you along. I’m sorry to disappoint you in knowing our days generally are just… normal. Boring isn’t quite the right word. Anyway, one day a week during the summer we have story time and tumbling class to attend. Strangely I get more done on those days, I think.


Storytime is within walking distance which is perfect for us. Before heading out, Rissa shows you her new (used) slide we bought at Goodwill. She also points out my scary shadow hands.

After story time she shares a short song with you and we have lunch. Xander is an eager eater and starts babbling a “lalala” type sound. I continue to coach him on saying “mama.”  Rissa’s first word was “dada” so X is mine!

While I got X down for his nap, Rissa fell asleep on the floor while playing. The goofball! After that we work on some chores then head to tumbling class after dinner. Rissa shows off her jumping skills!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our world and if you are also in the States – have a safe and happy 4th of July!