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Baby 5 Month Update & Toddler 30 Month Update! [VIDEO]

Baby 5 month update and 30 month toddler update. Wait, when do we stop counting the months? She’s 2.5 years old. Headed towards 3… scary.

5month baby vlog2



Anyway, I talk about how they are growing and developing, extended breastfeeding (yep, nursing both of them still), and sleep. Got distracted and didn’t get to share all that I wanted to tell you like Rissa becoming little miss independent. At least they are happy and healthy, right?

And my postpartum body… well, I’m below pre-pregnancy weight now without really doing anything (yay breastfeeding calorie burning!). I need to get back on track with working out and healthy eating… again. I know.. I’m a bit of a broken record. Baby is 5 months old and my belly looks like I’m 5 months preggers, but that’s okay. I like to hold Xander so he hides it!