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Are All in Ones (AIOs) All They are Cracked Up to Be?

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I would say the easiest cloth diaper to use is a true (everything sewn in) All-in-One (AIO). If you can operate a disposable, you can operate an AIO! (I say operate for the men, it has a more manly sound than just changing diapers, right? I kid! I kid!)

Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than this….

Step 1: Slide under baby’s butt.

Step 2: Fasten.

Just now Step 3 is to toss it in a diaper pail or wet/dry bag instead of in the garbage! 

They are excellent options for dads, grammas, and various other care givers, like daycare, to use.

So if they are so easy to use, then why do I only own one? (I own one true AIO. I have a few snap in AIOs and a few AI2s.)

In my experience, I find AIOs to be:

  • Too bulky
  • More expensive
  • Don’t clean as well in the wash
  • Take longer to dry

I do like their convenience factor at diaper changing time though. So, I’ll bring it with on an errand or have it available for someone else changing her.

Otherwise, I prefer my snap in AIOs and my AI2s because with the soaker being detached I feel they clean better and dry faster. They aren’t necessarily cheaper though.

This is why I love having a varied stash – a different diaper for every occasion!

Make sure to check out the thoughts my lovely cohosts have on the subject. I definitely know that Mama on a Green Mission loves her AIOs!
Their take:
Formula Mom
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What are your thoughts on AIOs? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Somewhere in-between?

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