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A Tale From A Year Ago Today: We Found Out ~ It’s A Girl!

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A year ago today I had an ultrasound that told us we were having a little girl. It’s incredible how much our lives have changed since that discovery.

Do I regret finding out ahead of time?

Heck no.

I liked knowing, though I was somewhat paranoid that they were wrong. One benefit of having lots of ultrasounds due to gestational diabetes is that we were able to look at her frequently.

And be reassured that I didn’t need to return the pink dresses.

Go ahead and read about the day Rissa’s biological sex was revealed to us: Baby Forecast: Mostly Pink! I actually wrote it that very day!

I know some people feel baby’s sex should be a surprise on delivery day. My sister-in-law is having her third baby… all were surprises the day of!

With all the ultrasounds I needed to have, I think it would have been tough to keep it a secret until the end. Personally, I liked knowing. I felt more connected. I’m not saying mamas can’t bond without knowing, but it made it stronger for me once I stopped calling her “it!”

What are your thoughts? Did you find out before delivery?


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