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A Toddler Friendly Christmas Tree

This post contains affiliate links. We received this My First Christmas Tree plush toy for babies and toddlers for review.

When I was little, I loved helping to decorate the Christmas tree. We’d put it up anytime after Thanksgiving and before Christmas Eve, making a night of it. We typically put up an artificial tree (that my dad marked in some sort of code so we’d know what branches went where). I only remember having a real tree once or twice in my life.

Back then, we had to test the each bulb on the light strands before wrapping them around the tree. Next we’d add garland, then ornaments. We had a lot of homemade ornaments that my mom made (then later ones I made at school or with my mom). It was never the prettiest tree, but it was OURS. I mean, it was pretty in its own way – it just wasn’t one of those perfectly done trees with a color scheme or anything. You know, those catalog trees?

Being little and short, I hung everything along the bottom in the front. After I’d go to bed my parents would re-distribute the ornaments more evenly around the tree. Soon I can start a similar tradition with my own daughter. But first, we have to get a bigger tree (we currently only have a 3 foot tall tree) and find a place to put it up. Admittedly, we rarely put up our tree since I have a lot of mixed emotions surrounding the holidays. If we do put it up, it’s usually closer to Christmas so it’s not up for very long.

I know Rissa will have a hard time keeping her hands off of the tree (much like the cats) so when we received this My First Christmas Tree soft toy, I thought it was the perfect way to introduce Rissa to tree decorating!

It comes with several ornaments, two different tree toppers, and even a tree skirt. Everything fits into a cute little present shaped plush box. Rissa has fun setting her tree up, decorating it, and changing the toppers. She’s learned a little bit about Christmas trees from some of her favorite shows and books (plus she did see a few last year at other people’s houses). I think it’s a great way for her to play and have a tree that is entirely her own. Plus, it’s machine washable so I don’t have to worry too much about her getting it dirty!

Do you prefer big Christmas trees or smaller personalized trees?


Disclosure: We received the above mentioned Christmas tree toy for review purposes. No other compensation was received. Happy Holidays!

Elizabeth Parker

Thursday 6th of December 2012

My girls would love this! Especially my 3 year old. :) We only have a tiny, 24 inch fiber optic tree, though Daddy wants to get a real one this year, if we can afford it, but this could be her own, personal tree. :)

Karen Propes

Thursday 6th of December 2012

I grew up with a silver tree and a colored light that went around and made colors shine on the tree. After getting married we would get a real tree every year, about a year ago we broke down and purchased one from Costco, it is soo bigg! I love this tree, our Granddaughter will love it. At her house and other's homes she is not allowed to touch other's trees. I let her pick an ornament off of our tree every year, but this is so adorable, she would love this in her room.


Thursday 6th of December 2012

This is the first year I've actually put up a full size Christmas tree. My boys (3 and 14-months), like most toddlers, love to get their hands on anything and everything...including Christmas trees and decorations. So, to make things husband has bolted our 6 foot Christmas tree to a 3 foot tall wooden filing cabinet! Now our little guys can enjoy the Christmas tree without having their hands on it!

Judy Gregory

Thursday 6th of December 2012

the grandkid is out of state, but with 10 (yes, i said 10) pomeranians, we have a small pink (yes, i said pink) tabletop tree

Erin Massey

Thursday 6th of December 2012

What an adorable idea! A tree the kids can decorate over and over again! Love this!