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A New Breakthrough! A Tooth!

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It’s finally here. My baby has her first tooth!

She won’t let me take a picture of it. She clamps her mouth shut and pushes away my hands. Doesn’t she know that I need it for the blog?!

The teething is not over though. I feel horrible that I’m not sure when this tooth came through. I happened to notice a sliver of white while she had her mouth open and laughing while in the Target parking lot last night.

(Seriously, what kind of mother doesn’t notice the second her first baby gets a tooth?)

I could barely see it… it’s JUST through the gum on the bottom. I was able to stick a finger in her mouth and feel it – the sharp little thing! Just shy of 9 months and she finally has a chomper!

Then I panicked.

We hadn’t started using the little baby tooth brush I got her. I wanted her to be used to it before any teeth came in. I used to rub a clean washcloth along her gums but hadn’t been doing that for awhile either.

Well, she is fascinated by me brushing my teeth for some reason. So, I got out her toothbrush and ran it under the sink. (We’ll save baby toothpaste for later.)  She wouldn’t open her mouth, so I handed it to her. She tried to brush MY teeth! I didn’t let her brush past my lips though.

Since I was holding her in front of the bathroom mirror, I distracted her with the baby in the mirror (who she loves to wave at and yabber to) and got the brush in her mouth. She let me move it around on her gums and over her little tooth. Mostly she tried to chew and suck on it though.

I wonder how long it will take to come all the way up? And when the one next to it will break through?

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