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15 Fun Facts About My Daughter – February 2012

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This post is inspired by the 15 fun facts The Feminist Breeder shared about her kids. Since I only have one child at the moment, my list is all about her!

15 Fun Facts About Rissa

  1. 20120220-002447.jpgShe loves to dance. It has to be catchy music or metal. Lullabies and oldies get curious looks from her, but do not get her booty shakin’. There are commerical jingles that she will drop everything for in order to dance along, often Subway wins this honor.
  2. She loves to read. She will page through the same books over and over again. Forwards, backwards, skipping around. She will bring books to us and climb into our laps. She’s even been known to physically put her book in my hand.
  3. She’s curious, fearless, and stubbornwhich can be a challenging combination. She climbs everything and wants to know how it works. She has no fears about climbing and perching on the arms of the couch.
  4. She is, however, terrified of the vacuum cleaner and the Swiffer mop. The mere sight of them sends her whimpering and backpedaling into mama’s arms.
  5. Her vocabulary is constantly expanding. If she doesn’t know how to say the word or sign it, she may be able to pick it out of a line up.
  6. She’s growing, but is dainty. Her height and weight are now below normal according to the doctor’s growth charts, but her head circumference is average for her age. So, she has to grow into her brain yet. That’s okay, I was a small baby and toddler too. Let’s just hope she doesn’t suddenly get fat and pudgy like her mama did when puberty started!
  7. She loves to look at pictures and movies of babies and kids, especially when it is herself. She will laugh and clap right along with videos of herself.
  8. She’s already mastered the toddler limp rag doll move which makes it difficult to pick her up.
  9. She’s very sociable with other children. She’s mostly sociable with other adults, but tends to be shier around them. Older men are scary if only if they get within arms reach, such as her grandpas. Though if she approaches them, then it’s all good.
  10. She’s starting to hide after she poops. She also is starting to dig into her diaper and trying to take it off.
  11. Finding bellybuttons is a fun game. She will lift her clothes to find hers and lift mama’s shirt too.
  12. She’s been saying her first sentence “Where’d it go?” though it sort of sounds like one word “weardigo.”
  13. She’s getting more interested in cartoons and animated movies than before. She will point out things she sees such as a duck or a dog.
  14. She’s amazing at spotting kitties. They are her favorite animal. Our large tabby, Freckles, even puts up with her laying on him and hugging and tugging him.20120220-002214.jpg
  15. She’s fascinated by bunnies right now because of how mama wiggles her nose. She tries to do it too, but does more of a scrunch face. She’s doing it for many different animals as she learns how to categorize and group them.

What about your little ones? What are their current fun facts? Write a post and share the link in the comments or put your list in the comments. You don’t even have to do 15 – do as may or few as you want!


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