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14 Tempting No-Bake Pies

This no-bake pie round up is sponsored by, a place to collect and organize recipes.

Confession… I’m more of a cake person. I mean, I’ll eat pie, but I’m not crazy about traditional pie crusts. I suppose that’s why I’m more likely to indulge in a cream pie of some sort. Besides being sweet and (usually) creamy, they tend to be easy to make. Can’t beat no-bake desserts, especially in the summer. Right now I want to bake just for the added heat from my oven can warm me up. I’m so sick of this frigid winter!

Occasionally I’ll see directions to bake a graham cracker crust on an otherwise no-bake recipe. I just freeze the crust or don’t worry about it. It still tastes fine! I’m usually not too worried about how well the crust will hold up and look. In this collection there are some very delicious crust variations using cookies (yum).

I admit, it made me quite hungry to put together this pie collection in anticipation of Pi Day on March 14th. While I’d love to sample them all in the name of geeky celebration, I’m going to have to pick just one. I don’t know which one yet. It’s been awhile since I’ve made a Banana Cream Pie…. or I could make another attempt at my Avocado Banana Cream Pie. Last time it didn’t set enough, but it tasted good!

Which pie do you want to have for Pi Day?

Want something savory instead? How about Bacon Cheeseburger Pie Cups? Or Slow Cooker Shepard’s Pie?

no bake pie collection