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Healthy Food Shopping Made Easier at Pick ‘n Save #MyPicknSave #CBias #Shop

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. The other day I mentioned being healthier is one of our goals this year. It’s a very popular goal and one I’ve had


Spin Into Action to Make a Difference in Your Community #SpinbrushCFK #CBias

About a week ago I shared with you that I was working on the Champions for Kids Spin into Action Simple Service Project.  Champions for Kids continues to work to inspire and motivate millions of people to make a difference in their communities.  The monthly Simple Service Projects are just that – simple.  You


We’re Spinning Into Action to Help Local Children Have Great Smiles #CBias #SocialFabric

The very first time I participated in a Champions for Kids Simple Service Project was last December.  At that time I shared a little about my family receiving community assistance when I was younger.  I used to be embarrassed about it, but not anymore.  Being embarrassed makes it seem like we did something


In-Store Skin Hydration With Dial™ NutriSkin™ Lotion #CBias #DialNutriSkin

Dry skin is no fun, especially in winter.  I actually get weirded out  if my skin feels too dry.  I’ll obsess about it until I can get my hands on some!  Well, I knew there was going to be an in-store demo of Dial™NutriSkin™ at the Walmart by my parents house last weekend.  I would be


Sharing a Snack to Fight Child Hunger #AbbottCFK #CBias

The numbers are scary and sad – over 16 million children do not receive the nutrition they need. Child hunger is a problem I wish did not exist. Not that I like any problems, but when kids are affected… it strikes the heart deep. So, I worked on putting together a nutritious


How You Can Help Another Woman be Brave #BraveWoman #CBias

So here we are, in the new year. Whether you were brave or not in 2011, you can be brave in 2012. And if you were brave in 2011, you can pledge to help someone else be brave this year. Last month I shared a poem with you about a brave woman.


We Brightened a Child’s Holiday! #DisneyCFK #CBias

Remember how I told you that I was paying it forward this year? That I had received help with presents when I was little and now I wanted to help give back to a child in need?  Well, I wanted to share what we bought! I originally set out to fill a


Giving Back for the Holidays! #DisneyCFK #CBias

When I was growing up we didn’t have a lot of money.  (Not that I have a lot now, but we have more breathing room and are comfortable.)  When I was little… I received help.  We received help.  We lived in government subsidized housing.  We were on food stamps and AFDC (the


Brave Woman Twitter Party Today! #BraveWoman #CBias

Today will be the Brave Woman Twitter party sponsored by Collective Bias.  Please join everyone for this important hour as we discuss the strong women we know and how we can help our friends and family members stay strong in their fight against domestic violence.  Because if we don’t help them recognize they are


Champions for Kids Twitter Party! #DisneyCFK

Want to get together and talk about giving back during the holidays? How about winning some prizes at the same time?  Join me at the Disney Champions for Kids Twitter party sponsored by Collective Bias.  I plan on being there and you should be too! When: Thursday, December 15th at 9:00 pm EST  Where:


Preparing the Car for Winter #EngineLuv #CBias

Let me start by saying I’m not really a car guy.  I can do basic maintenance like oil changes and changing tires.  I’ve helped my older brother work on our cars some, but it’s not really my thing.  Though, coming to my wife’s rescue with a tire change definitely was a good move.


I Know a Brave Woman

I know a woman who lived down the street. She had cuts and bruises whenever we’d meet. I wanted to say something, but it was never quite right. She assured me it was normal, the way they would fight. I insisted it wasn’t.  You must leave, I did implore. Yet he continued


I Love the Prices at Cookies Kids! #LuvCookies #Cbias

Since it hasn’t snowed here by me yet (weird, really) I keep denying that it’s winter in Wisconsin.  Rissa isn’t sprouting as fast as she was so she’s not growing out of her 12 month sized clothes yet, but she’s mostly wearing short sleeves and dresses.  I can’t keep dressing her in


What’s So Special About the Motorola Bionic? #MotoCalyp #CBias

I love my current phone, but there are days I want to throw it into a lake or run it over with my car.  Technology is a blessing and a curse so even if there are wonderful benefits and features, there are always downsides to relying on it too.  I’m not actively


Going to sendCheer This Week! #sendCheer #CBias

So over the weekend we went shopping for Cheerios at Walmart.  We can always use more Cheerios!  Baby girl and I have them nearly every morning for breakfast.  We ended up having to make TWO separate trips in order to sendCheer, but we were determined! I couldn’t believe that the first Walmart trip


I Want to sendCheer to Military Families! #sendcheer #cbias

Though Veteran’s Day has passed, it doesn’t mean the time to honor our troops has to stop until the next holiday. Both of my grandfathers served our country and so did my uncle. I can’t imagine what it was like for them to be overseas during the holidays, away from our family.


Stocking Up on Spooky Decor With Kmart Halloween #kmarthalloween

You all know I love Halloween, right?  Costumes, candy, pumpkins, and scary movies!  While I don’t like being scared half to death in a haunted house, I do enjoy them and everything spooky about October 31st.  While having a Halloween baby is exciting, I don’t see a need to lay off the


Supplementing My Health With Centrum ProNutrients Omega 3 #NutritionPossible #CBias

You see that?  There.  In my hand.  That’s me staying healthy. Prior to getting pregnant with my daughter, I rarely took vitamins.  I also barely ate half the daily amount of fruits and veggies.  Once I found out I finally conceived, I was very concerned about providing my baby with the best.  I wanted


Continuing to #BagItForward With an Elmer’s Glue Crew Collection Box

For some, school has started already, for others, it will start soon! I know my nephew has his school supplies and my sister-in-law has classroom supplies thanks to my participation in the Bag It Forward Program with Elmer’s and Walmart. Now it’s time to take it a step further and make sure


Prepare for Back-to-School with a College Cold & Flu Kit!

  When I was in college, back to school preparations meant supplies, expensive textbooks, clothes, dorm gear, instant meals, laundry, and beer.  Thinking back, a Cold & Flu Kit would have been a good idea.  It’s easy to pass illnesses around in the dorms due to the tight quarters and lack of good