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  1. Jenny
    January 7, 2013

    It’s been awhile since I was “in the trenches” with a colicky baby and was reading articles and studies and blogs and comments and anything I could get my hands on about baby sleep. Those were truly delirous days, with neither my baby nor me getting more than 40 minutes of sleep at a stretch at any point during the day or night — for almost nine months straight. Exhaustion can do a real number on people. Full disclosure, after exhausting all other avenues, we finally did a modified “sleep training” program. We even paid for some costly consultations and tried to get an appointment with the infamous Dr. Weissbluth. I agree with what you’re saying here. Tired moms and dads don’t need one more piece of flaming-hot biased research on their plates. There’s so much already, and in the end, it’s all just more of the same. You’re going to do what you can stomach, and most people start with the gentlest approach possible and end with the gentlest approach they can handle. At least that’s what I’d like to believe based on our own experience. I feel so bad for parents who have filled in my place in the trenches I was finally able to leave. Controversial studies like these just make them more bananas!
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    • Darcy
      January 8, 2013

      It seems like new parents nowadays are hit with this stuff more now because of social media and how fast info travels. Unfortunately I think there’s less fact checking with the rush to be first.

      I think you are right that we try the gentlest options first and have to decide to do what works for our own families.

      Thanks for commenting!Syrana

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