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WW: Comparing Newborn Photos

I’ve been sharing a few pics of baby Xander on Twitter and Facebook and have lots more to come. It’s been hard to get a chance to get on our actual computers so the pictures on the “good camera” haven’t been transferred yet. I have only been able to share ones taken with my phone so far because they are super easy to share.

Left: Rissa Right: Xander

Close family and friends noted right away just how much Xander looks like his sister as a newborn. We noticed it too – they look SO much alike at birth and even have similar cries. It will be interesting to see how their little personalities compare as Xander grows into his.

Did your kids look a lot alike as newborns?

Emily @ My Crazy Gluten Free Life!

Wednesday 12th of December 2012

Cute! Yes, my boys looked almost the same as newborns. There was only a few small differences between them. Keegan was fair skinned & looked like a little doll & had no hair. Kaden is a little bit darker skinned & was born with his red hair. That was about the only thing similar about them. Keegan came into the world with a giant scream once the nurses got a hold of him & continued to express his opinion very loudly. Little Kaden just did a quiet little baby cry. He rarely cried at all though for a long time. He was just so happy & chill.

It's funny how much they actually looked alike but how very different they were. Keegan always thinks that old pictures of himself are his brother haha


Wednesday 12th of December 2012

My 9 (daughter) and 8 (son) year olds looked identical to each other - matter of fact, my son was such a big baby and my daughter was so tiny.. starting from the time he was about 10 months old (when he started walking) on, people would always ask if they were twins. LOL a few times when we'd reply no, I got "are you sure? they look so much alike" - uh, yeah.. I am pretty sure I know if my kids are twins or not.. some people haha. Our 3 year old (daughter) looked a lot like our first who was stillborn.. and our 8 month old (daughter) is the spitting imagine of my dad (who passed away unexpectedly when I was just a few weeks pregnant).