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Upcycling Ideas For Old Kids Clothes

As the season begins to change, I try to rotate my kids clothes. It’s a good time to put outgrown clothing aside, but then I have to figure out what to do with all these old kids clothes. These upcycling ideas for old kids clothes are a great place to begin. Not only can you help yourself out, but you may be able to help others!

Confession: I have several boxes of baby clothes that I can’t seem to part with yet. Those hold the most sentimental value for me!

Decluttering old kids clothes? Not sure what to do with outgrown clothing? Check out these tips for upcycling kids clothing, donating, or reselling them.

Upcycling Ideas For Old Kids Clothes

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As your kids keep growing you’re left with all their old clothes that you probably have no idea what to do with. It can become overwhelming to have all these clothes and some parents have a hard time parting with outgrown clothes. Have no fear though because we have some ideas for old kids clothes that are either going to help you get rid of them or use them in ways you didn’t know you could.

I am a huge fan of upcycling items to save money and of course, help create less waste. That said, some of these ideas can also help your budget and your friends! What’s better than that?

Recycle and Re-use Old Kids Clothing

Now if you are the kind of parent that views your kid’s old clothes a sentimental and it is hard for you to get rid of them here are a few ways you can keep them without just letting them pile up in your storage. If you are handy at sewing or have someone you know that is, then you have a lot of options beginning with turning the clothes into a quilt for yourself or your kids.

You could turn their old pants into a tote bag, make new clothes for your kids like a denim skirt, a sweater, or more out of the old clothes, or even just salvage the zippers, buttons, etc. to use for your future sewing projects or to have just in case. If you aren’t good with a sewing machine then fleece pajamas and cotton shirts make great dust cloths and dish rags and you could also save them if you have a younger child and pass them down.

Another favorite option for those sentimental pieces is to pick up a shadow box and create a fun keepsake. This is great for baby clothes, jersey’s, or special items that are unique to your child.

Sell Outgrown Children’s Clothing

If you want my favorite of the upcycle ideas for kids clothing, it is turning that clothing into cash in your pocket. Selling your kids gently worn clothing is the perfect solution to funding your vacation budget while cleaning out closets. Some great places to sell old clothes are listed below.

  • Garage Sale
  • Local Buy/Sell Facebook Groups or Craigslist
  • Local Consignment Stores
  • Online Consignment Stores

New and like-new kids clothing up to 80% off
Donate Old Kids Clothes

If you aren’t attached to your kid’s old clothes and you are just tired of them sitting around taking up space, then donating may be the best option. Try to donate clothing items that are in good condition to charity or second-hand stores. They can be used by someone else’s kids who don’t have much. You could also send them to school. Many preschools and elementary schools look for backup clothing for kids in case they have accidents or spills.

One of my new favorite places to shop for gently used clothing is Schoola. They are an online consignment store that donates your earnings to the school of your choice. It’s a great way to support your local school! Request a bag and donate to the school of your choice.
If you were worried about what to do with your kid’s old clothes worry no longer, you can use these upcycling ideas for kids old clothes or think of your own. You can even find more out there because the possibilities are really endless. Have you used any of these for your kid’s old clothes? Do you have any ideas you would add? Let us know in the comments!

Decluttering old kids clothes? Not sure what to do with outgrown clothing? Check out these tips for upcycling kids clothing, donating, or reselling them.

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Crystal Green

Sunday 23rd of October 2016

These are some great ways to use up kids clothes. I end up donating a lot of my kids clothes.

Thank you for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you again when we open our doors at 12 AM EST on Friday.

Darcy Zalewski

Friday 28th of October 2016

I donate a lot of ours too. Sometimes I don't feel like dealing with other options! Thanks, Crystal.