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A Final New Mama’s Day Event Thank You

Thank you to all my readers – new and old! – who entered, commented, and had fun with this event. It kept me very busy on the other side here! I do apologize for my lack of comment replies, etc. but I read them all! Thank you to Mary of iNeed a Playdate


Even More Winners!

Thank you so much for your patience! Here are the rest of the New Mama's Day winners and the Spongeables winners! Spongeables – 170 entries. Congrats to Lisa! Animoto One Year Plus Membership – 45 entries. Congrats to Desiree @ Wee Share! Mommy Jingles Course – 19 entries. Congrats to Debbie Kennedy!


New Mama’s Day: Remembering When I Was Young {Keepsake Bookset}

I love creative gifts. I really do! Brian is the family genealogist and we plan on passing that torch on to Rissa. So, I definitely loved the idea of a keepsake heirloom book that includes family memories like Remembering When I Was Young by Carole Carson. I mean, if we had something


An Ode To My Mother, On My First Mama’s Day

Today is Mother's Day. Today is my first mother's day, but Mom, it's far from your first! I can't imagine how I changed your lives. I can barely believe how Riss has changed ours. I know we haven't always seen eye to eye. We haven't always gotten along. I suspect I'll have my


Book Review: More Than Saying I Love You by Dr. Andie

Many women I know struggle with their self-image, myself included. In fact, I've been working on a ver personal (and lengthy) post on the subject. I hope to share it soon. One thing I know is that I want Rissa to value herself and not encounter the same self-esteem issues I did


New Mama’s Day:What I Love About Being a Mom

{Please welcome the lovely lady who made the event button: Mary of iNeed a Playdate!} What is my favorite part about being a mom? What are my favorite parts of being a mom? My favorite part? The endless diapers? The years of potty training? The screaming fits, while teething? The quiet moments


New Mama’s Day: Baby, You’re Unpredictable

{Please welcome Lindsey!} As a new Mama, I’ve come to realize that my child will always do the exact opposite of what I say. Even at ripe old age of almost 1, she has learned to defy her Mother and do her own thing, on her own time. Want a perfect example?


Book Review: Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions

Just about everything comes with instructions….except babies. I have found that no matter how much I prepared ahead of time, I still wasn't prepared! Babies are not all the same nor are they predictable. Well, now there's some help from Blythe Lipman in the book (Amazon link) Help! My Baby Came Without


New Mama’s Day: Vasseur Beauty Pillow Review

Ahh, sleep. Something we moms love to have but don't get enough of! I don't know about you, but I hate waking up with lines on my face from my pillow. I want to wake up looking decent – it's supposed to be beauty sleep, right? Well, let me introduce you to


New Mama’s Day: Three Tips to Remember as a Mom

Today's Mother's Day contributor is Jen! Jen is a boring business analyst by day, college student by night, and rockstar mommy 'round the clock. She is excited to celebrate her first Mother's Day with her adorable 8 month old son Levi. You can read more from Jen on her blog Life With Levi or