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So Big! Nine Month Well Baby Checkup

subconsci productions @ flickr

Rissa’s nine month appointment was a couple weeks ago. I think I say this with each So Big! update, but I can NOT believe she is nine months old! It was a relief not to have to get any shots this time. Rissa spent most of the exam on my lap, which our doctor just worked with. He commented on her stranger anxiety as being normal. She kept an eye on him the whole time and would smile and engage him when he kept his distance. She clutched my shirt and would “check in” with me repeatedly by turning her face into my chest. It was nice being reassured that this behavior was a sign of our strong bond!

She continues to grow well and steadily so there are no concerns there. This time she weighed in at 17lbs 4oz (20th percentile – below average) and measured at 28.5 inches (80th percentile – above average). She continues to be tall and thin. (Yep, the exact opposite of her mama! Ha!)

It was amazing all the things she’s doing now that she wasn’t doing at her six month checkup. I don’t say amazing as in “omg she’s the smartest baby ever!”  I mean it’s amazing the amount of development that occurred in three months time. Babies are amazing. AH-MAZ-ING.

Oh and when we went to the appointment on August 9th, she only had 2 bottom teeth. He said her 2 top teeth were coming in fast. They recently busted through…

If I could have learned at her rate while in college…

She’s crawling, pulling herself up to stand, standing without holding for up to a minute, cruising, drinking with a straw, chewing motions, passing objects from hand to hand, turning things over, sorting/nesting/stacking, babbling (a LOT), pointing, waving, clapping, bops along to music, plays peekaboo and patty cake, voluntarily drops (aka THROWS things… without aim), anticipates repeated actions…

She keeps me on my toes (well, my knees). And her personality is developing and/or emerging.

Her previous stats:

At birth she was 6lbs 10oz, 19.75in. She was just a bit below average.

At her 2-3 week check up she was 6lbs 13oz, 20in. Still just a bit below average.

At her 2 month check up she was 10lbs 8oz, 23in. Average for weight, above average for height.

At 4 month check up she was 12lbs 5oz, 25 in. Above average for height, below average for weight.

At 6 month check up she was 14lbs 7oz, 26 in. Above average for height, below average for weight.