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Rissa’s 3rd Birthday Party Highlights

The birthday week is finally over! It was fun, but I’m wore out. And per usual…things didn’t go entirely to plan. BUT we made the best of it and our last minute changes worked out just fine in the end.

2013-11-01 09.59.28

On Rissa’s actual birthday she received 3 presents from us. She especially loved her new Foofa hoodie and Read to Me Scout (review coming!).

2013-10-31 08.59.30

I made the mistake of letting her come along to Party City to pick up the rest of the party supplies and her Tinker Bell balloon. That place had her reaching and grabbing for EVERYTHING! She was way too excited about the candy and party favors. (I have to admit the entire store is visually overstimulating though, wow!)

That evening we went to The Chancery for a special birthday dinner. Rissa loved it when they sang to her and brought her dessert. Meanwhile, I tried to hold onto every last shred of sanity as I swore we would be asked to leave at any minute between a very fussy and screechy X and an overexcited-couldn’t-sit-still-for-two-seconds Rissa.

Friday night I worked on baking a cake I was sure would turn out as a lovely fairy wing cake. Rissa saw it in progress and told me it was NOT Tinker Bell like she asked. I didn’t get to cut it into wings before bedtime so I put the cake aside for Saturday.

We did a mad dash of deep cleaning and shoving random stuff behind closed doors as we prepared for our guests. Brian went to the store with Rissa and my dad to get a few last minute items. Well, the stupid cake wouldn’t come out of the pan in one piece. One corner broke off. Then another. Then half of the bottom stuck to the pan (that I greased!). I threw the whole thing across the kitchen in frustration. Since there was no salvaging it, I texted Brian asking him to have Rissa pick out a new cake.

2013-11-02 13.48.52

I made this sand cake though and everyone loved it! (Recipe coming soon)

At the last minute I decided not to make fruit kabob fairy wands and simplified the pasta bar down to two noodle types, basic spaghetti sauce and meatballs. Originally I had a more elaborate set up in mind but forgot how tiny my kitchen is apparently.

Present time was utter chaos. It was like Christmas up in here. Both kids received so many nice gifts from everyone and they were overwhelmed with wanting to play with everything.

Half the time I forgot about taking pictures!

I almost missed X diving into his piece of birthday cake!

2013-11-02 17.32.13

Little guy lucks out since we’ll have a very small celebration just for him on his birthday in December.