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10 Parenting Truths From Delivery Man #DeliveryManMovie

We received a copy of this movie for review purposes.

When I heard about Delivery Man, I looked forward to a funny movie. I figured it would be a feel-good comedy, but it delivered more than just warm fuzzy laughs. It delivered parenting truths. How many do you agree with?

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10 Parenting Truths Learned From Delivery Man

1 – Humor is essential to parenting.

2 – You decide to BE a parent. An active parent.

3 – We may get frustrated and angry with our kids, but we still love them.

4 – Our kids make us vulnerable.

5 – We do what we can to help our kids out of a jam.

6 – Family is the most important thing in the world.

7 – Finding out about becoming a parent is exciting and terrifying–whether it’s one or 533 kids.

8 – Sibling bonds are important too.

9 – Kids makes us want to be better, do better and do the right thing.

10 – They change us and our lives forever.

Things changed for me when I became a mom. Priorities, especially. Although it was clear that David (Vince Vaughn) didn’t always make the best decisions, his heart was often in the right place. After finding out that he fathered 533 kids and 142 of them have petitioned the court wanting to know his identity. While this is going on, David also finds out his girlfriend, Emma (played by Cobie Smulders) is pregnant. She’s not sure he’s fit to be a father though.

With the help of his lawyer friend (Chris Pratt), David fights to maintain his anonymity in court while secretly meeting some of his children. In the end, David is faced with some hard decisions that will forever change his life.

Without giving too much away, I’ll say I recommend this movie if you want to laugh and feel. You’ll shake your fist in frustration at David, but cheer him on along the way.

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