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Must Have Baby Products for Warm Weather

I can’t quite imagine what it’s like to live in a hot weather state. I’m used to Wisconsin’s four seasons where winters are cold and snowy and summers are warm and humid. Even though we deal with hot weather from time to time, it is not the norm. Previously I shared with you my top 5 products for cold weather babies, but I know some of you live where it is hothothot!

Emily of Our Knight Life lives in Las Vegas and is no stranger to 100+ days, so she put together her list of top 5 products for hot weather babies. A couple of the products on her list are UV Skinz Swimwear and a car seat sun shade. I never even thought about a car seat shade! I mean, I know how hot the steering wheel can get and Rissa’s seat gets warm sometimes, but it’s not usually an issue here. Some of her recommendations would be good even for our summers or to keep in mind for future vacations to hotter places.

To see the rest of her list, please go check out her post Top 5 Must Have Baby Products for Warm Weather Climates!