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Learning to Crawl

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Yep. It’s happening. She doesn’t quite have the move-one-hand-forward-pull-and-move-opposite-knee-forward basics down yet, but baby is learning to crawl. She’s really quite fascinating to watch. Well, now that she’s more creative in her movement. It wasn’t very fun having her cry every two seconds because she was stuck or couldn’t manipulate her body the way she wanted.

Update! She started to crawl last night! Forward!

She’s been able to sit on her own for a few months now, but couldn’t get up into a sitting position on her own until more recently. I know babies progress differently and the time frame can vary, but I thought it’d be interesting to look at what she’s been doing between 6-8 months. (This is just physical milestones)

  • Sitting unassisted for a length of time
  • Leans forward to rake toys closer to her
  • Twists and turns to look around without toppling over
  • Can regain balance before toppling
  • Leans forward to “flip” onto belly (starts with face plants and the occasional squawk from legs being stuck under belly..)
  • Able to get legs out from underneath to lay on belly
  • Does push ups
  • Pushes against objects with arms outstretched (floor, my chest)
  • Scoots backwards while on tummy, pushes off with hands
  • Stretches to reach things while on belly
  • Pushes with toes to try and reach further while on belly
  • Can spin around/pivot on belly – using hands and knees
  • Gets on hands and knees and rocks
  • Gets into seated position from tummy
  • Pulls up into standing position
  • Sort of sits up from back
  • Crawls forward!! (as of 7/7/11 in the evening)
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