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I Can Breastfeed Anywhere and so Can You!

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It’s true. There are laws to protect a Mother’s right to breastfeed in public. I know, it sounds bizarre, right? I’m glad there’s a law to protect us, but it’s sad that it was even up for debate, y’know?

I know sone people claim it is gross to watch. Well, I see plenty of things I’d rather not see like unsightly back hair, butt cracks (with or without thongs), hoochie mama shirts… You get the idea. Yet nursing a baby is gross to watch or means I’m exposing myself?

Can’t you just, oh, I don’t know… Look away? I look away when you scratch yourself in the unmentionables. You can look away while my daughter eats.

Tongue-in-cheek aside, I find it bizarre that anyone thinks a nursing mom needs to hide in a dark corner while feeding her baby. This is one reason why I think it has ceased to be viewed as normal.

Out of sight, out of mind.

While I won’t say one must breastfeed in public based on their own comfort level, I do not think nursing mamas should be made to feel uncomfortable in public.

It’s taken me time to feel confident and comfortable enough to feed my daughter in front of family and friends. Then it took more time before I was comfortable doing it in public. Part of this was due to us learning but I used to be worried about what someone would say.

Again, crazy, but true.

  • Places I’ve nursed:
  • Family’s house
  • Friends’ House
  • Doctor’s Office
  • Funeral Home
  • Restaurant (sit down)
  • Coffee Shop
  • Backseat of car (in & out of the carseat)
  • Zoo
  • Railroad Museum

At the zoo and museum, I nursed on a bench in sight of people and nursed while wearing Rissa in our ERGObaby carrier….while walking. This was an accomplishment for us!

It’s interesting to me that I now spot more moms nursing when we are in public and I think that’s awesome. Let’s re-normalize breastfeeding!

Where have you nursed?

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