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Happy Father’s Day to the Two Best Dads!

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Yes, I said TWO!

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. I don’t know how my dad was so patient with me. Watching old home videos gives me a new perspective now that I am a parent myself.

I respect him so much more now. As you can see below, I was… not always easy to work with!

My dad was someone I trusted and confided in often as I was growing up. I also feel for him now – he took me shopping for some of my first bras. I knew nothing about sizes. Dad, being the handy guy that he is, whipped out his tape measure!

Not the most accurate bra fitting tool but it got the job done.

While my dad is quite the jokester, he can be serious too. He rarely ever raised his voice or yelled at me. Just hearing disappointment in his voice was punishment enough.

Now I have my own daughter with the love of my life, my best friend, my husband. He has his own little girl – a mini version of me! – to melt his heart.

I hope they form a relationship much like the one I have with my father. It’s a great relationship to have (minus the public embarrassment)!

This is Brian’s first official Father’s Day. While Rissa is too young to express her appreciation, I want him and everyone to know he’s doing a wonderful job in his new role.

Love you both!
Darcy & Aerissa

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