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Halloween Decorating Ideas

“Mom, can we decorate for Halloween yet?”  

My daughter asked me this no less than five times before mid-September. As much as I love Halloween, I try not to put out Halloween decorations until after school starts in early September. We usually start with indoor Halloween decor, then in October we work on outdoor Halloween decorations.

Halloween Decorating Ideas

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If you love Halloween as much as I do, then getting your home ready for Halloween is a highly enjoyable task. However, with so many different spooky decorations to choose from, finding the good ones can be difficult. Every year we add to our collection. A few of our favorites include bone fences, bloody handprint window clings, and a giant skull for our front porch.

Overall, we try to keep the scary decorations to a minimum for the little kids, but we prefer to make our home and yard look more spooky than cute. One of my favorite things about Halloween decorating is the range from cute to terrifying!

Creepy Home Decorations

Foam RIP Graveyard Tombstones

Graveyards are a classic way to decorate outside for Halloween. These foam RIP graveyard tombstones can be used inside as a creepy backdrop for your Halloween party food table or for a photo booth. Place other creepy items nearby (such as a skeleton, a zombie or various other bones and limbs) to give your guests a more gruesome display.

Creepy Cloth Spooky Halloween Decoration

This Creepy Cloth Spooky Halloween Decoration has a black, worn design and can be used to quickly and easily transform your home into a haunted house on October 31st. It can be draped over doors, windows, tables and more to create a dark, creepy atmosphere. Further set the mood by transforming the lamps in your home with a creepy crawly lace drop too.

Bloody Handprint Window Clings

Increase the scare factor by placing these bloody handprint clings on your front door or window. Guests will wonder, was a zombie trying to get in or was someone trying to escape?

Rubies Costume Haunted Home Décor Body Parts – Cut Off Arm

This Rubies Costume Haunted Home Décor Body Parts – Cut Off Arm is an excellent Halloween decoration which will give your home a more sinister look on October 31st. It resembles a severed forearm complete with blood and protruding bones and measures 17 inches in total. You can place it by the tombstones mentioned above or hide it somewhere in your home to give your guests a fright.

Looking for DIY Halloween decorations you can make? Check out this list of 15 fun and spooky homemade Halloween decor craft projects.
DIY Halloween Decorations

Ashleigh Walls

Wednesday 12th of October 2011

As a family who loves Halloween these are awesome! Thanks for posting


Thursday 13th of October 2011

You're welcome!