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GroVia – All-in-Two – Cloth Diaper Review

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I bought a couple GroVia shell sets when they were being discontinued – which meant I got them on sale! Woohoo! Anyway, I was a bit bummed to see the set be discontinued. You can still get the shells and soaker pad inserts, they just don’t come together anymore.

The GroVia system is one sized, so it should fit most babies from 8-35lbs. Rissa is skinny at about 13lbs and it fits her nicely. Despite being so long, she is still on the smallest rise setting for this diaper.

So here’s how it works:

  • Soaker pad snaps into the shell
  • When insert is wet, it can be switched with a clean one, reusing the shell

The soaker pad is made of organic cotton and is backed with waterproof material which keeps the inside of the shell dry. The shell is also waterproof. I like the backing of the soaker pad because I don’t touch wetness when unsnapping it! I pinch the backing, detach, and drop it into my pail. Since I only bought the two sets, I could really use more soaker pads! Hmm, I should have tried using it as a cover with a prefold. I just thought of that as I wrote this. Oops!

It has a pretty nice fit around Rissa’s waist and thighs. Quite trim too!

Although I prefer snaps, the velcro on these tabs is really strong. They stay in place when she’s wearing it and they stay stuck to the laundrty tabs. No diaper trains! But sometimes they are tough to lift in order to fasten it around her.

The shell dries fast on the line. The soaker pad is usually still damp after the dryer is done, so I usually lay it out to finish. The fabric isn’t as soft as I’d like against Rissa’s skin, but it does the job. We haven’t had any leaks so far. We’ve used it during the day, during play, in the car seat out and about, and naps. We haven’t used it for overnight though. I don’t quite trust it. Maybe if I had a booster to try?

Overall, we like our GroVias. I definitely like them for going out in public and when she’s wearing clothes that run tighter over her fluffy butt.

A note about naptime – Rissa takes shorter, more frequent naps.

*Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post – I purchased this with my own money and chose to share my experience with you.

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