Great Outdoor Toy: Water Table! (With video)

Last fall at her birthday party, Rissa received an awesome gift. A gift that had to stay in the box until now. I wasn't expecting to get it out so soon, but it's been very nice out around here – in the 70s and 80s even! That's crazy for March in Wisconsin. Brian keeps saying it will probably get cold again before summer, but I've been dying to let Rissa play with her water table!

step2 water table

Step2 Arctic Splash Water Table

The poor child tries to play in the cat's water bowl nearly everyday, so she's clearly interested! Something about scooping and splashing are super fun for her right now. I think it's such a simple thing to be fascinated with and that is awesome. Check out our thoughts on this Step2 Arctic Splash water table* and see it in action (and don't mind the noise of the wind!).


I will say it's super easy to assemble and fits through the door fine. It does not come apart easily though. It's a good height for Rissa at nearly 17 months old and she's content without extra moving parts. This does not require a pump or batteries or anything.


*Available at Amazon!


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