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Gimmie Three Steps {Learning to Walk}

Gimmie three steps, Gimmie three steps Rissa, gimmie three steps towards the door.

Gimmie three steps, gimmie three steps and you won’t need to crawl no more.

-Based off Lynard Skynard’s “Gimmie Three Steps”

After Rissa suddenly started to crawl, it didn’t take long before she pulled herself up to stand. Now she’s quite the little pro at standing and cruising.

Seriously, she has gotten too good at this standing thing. She doesn’t necessarily need something to pull up on as long as she can place her hand on a wall or something to steady herself. Once she’s up, she can cruise around as long as she has a hand on something: couch, toy, toybin, pack n play, me, etc. She doesn’t really hold on any more though which makes it interesting.

She’s able to stand on her own without holding on. She can clap and boogie a little while free standing. (Though sometimes she’s in this squat like position). Slowly she is starting to take a step away.

Just one step.

Then recently we witnessed two steps! Usually she is trying to reach out to me and is half falling over as she tries to grab me. She plays with a push walker toy so she’s used to seeping to catch up with the rest if her body.

Sometimes I tempt her to step away from the couch by holding a toy just out of reach.

But she won’t give me three steps. Yet.


Tuesday 20th of September 2011

Such a fun age!! Mine isn't walking yet, but is getting SO close!


Tuesday 20th of September 2011

Alli took 4 steps last night! We finally decided that was enough for the baby book entry. She was heading toward the cat (who she sat on). She still is hesitent to just take off, but with a little more confidence she'll be off. And we will be a whole new exhausted. Congrats on Rissa's development!!