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20+ Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Make, Buy, or Do

Do you find it hard to shop for Father’s Day gifts?

Every year, Father’s Day rolls around and it’s time to celebrate dads of all kinds – including granddads, expectant dads, and stepdads.

You want to do something special for the men in your life, but it can be a challenge deciding which gift would be best.

We compiled Father’s Day gift ideas that are activities to enjoy together as well as presents that can be bought or made with the kids.

Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? Check out this list of gift ideas! There are presents you can buy, personalized gift ideas, DIY homemade gift ideas, and activities to do together. Find inspiration for a memorable gift for Dad!

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20+ Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Make or Buy

It helps to have a few gift suggestions that will appeal to many different types of men. You’re sure to find something that’s in your price range and make the perfect Father’s Day gift.

From things you can buy and wrap in a flash to homemade items and activities, there’s something for everyone here. What you have to do is figure out which of these ideas the man in your life would appreciate most!

Father’s Day Gifts You Can Buy

There are many gifts you can purchase to reward a hardworking dad. Have the kids help pick something out that you know will make him feel loved.

Frames are wonderful gifts for storing family photos. Dads especially like photo frames they can take to the office or keep in a treasured space at home. If you purchase a standard frame, make sure to put a family photo inside.

If Dad is into hunting, fishing, or sports, you can look for a themed frame that reflects his favorite hobbies. Digital frames are another great gift – and men who are into gadgets love them. Upload several photos of the kids with Dad before giving this gift.

We usually think of giving flowers on Mother’s Day, but some men like to receive flowers, too. For Father’s Day you can purchase arrangements with a masculine touch such as a bouquet that looks like a boat or a toy car used as a vase.

Large coffee mugs make great containers for flower arrangements. You can also choose green plants that will last all year. Make sure you order ahead of time so that your floral arrangement will arrive on time.

Dads love to get their favorite foods for Father’s Day. Surprise him with a candy bouquet in lieu of flowers. Many men enjoy chocolate covered strawberries, fruit bouquets, or bacon roses too!

You can also purchase a gift card to his favorite restaurant or arrange to bring in his favorite meal that day. If you prefer to stay home for Father’s Day, you can buy all of the ingredients for his favorite meal and make it for him. Find a way to include the kids in the kitchen and he’s sure to appreciate the time and effort to prepare something special.

One great gift idea is to order a special package of Omaha steaks. You can get just the steaks, or add on hot dogs, lobster, and side dishes, too. Or, you could find a company that sends him a monthly gift, like a monthly wine package for example.

If the dad in your household is into grilling, you could opt to give barbecue tools, a new grill, a fun apron, or a selection of great meats for grilling. During the Father’s Day season, these items are readily available.

Gift Baskets
A gift basket can allow you to give a variety of items all in one special package. Gift baskets can include foods, coffee, beer, wine, gift certificates, and anything else that the man in your life might like.

The best gift baskets have themes, such as:

  • Movie Night
  • Grill King
  • Beers from Around the World
  • Sports – such as Golf, Football, or Basketball
  • Favorite Snack Foods
  • Gourmet Popcorn
  • Gourmet Nuts

You can purchase pre-made gift baskets or put one together yourself using a creative theme and container. He’ll be sure to enjoy uncovering all the fun items you give him.

Hunting Accessories
Men who enjoy hunting are always happy to get accessories to go with their sport. This is a great time to give a luxury item he might not buy for himself, but he’d love to have on his next hunting or fishing trip.

For example, you can purchase heated insoles that will help keep his feet warm during the cold winter months. He might enjoy new fishing lures, a new knife, or a gift card to his favorite outdoor sporting goods store.

You can check his existing gear to see if any of it is worn. Hunters are hard on their equipment and gadgets. If you see something that could be replaced, look for a newer model to upgrade for him!

Men also enjoy getting a new keychain for Father’s Day. There are many different types that you can choose. For example:

  • Digital photo keychain that has a photo slideshow
  • Keychain that doubles as a bottle opener
  • Standard frame keychain with photos of the kids or grandkids
  • Dad themed key chains with phrases like “I Love My Dad” or “World’s Greatest Dad”

Keychains can be personalized and engraved to make them even more special. This is a wonderful and inexpensive gift that fits any budget. It’s also useful for organizing important keys.

Shirts and Ties
There are a wide variety of clothing options for Father’s Day gifts. The most common gift on this holiday is a tie. There are novelty ties and beautiful silk ties that will enhance his wardrobe.

You can also look for a nice dress shirt to go with a new tie that he can wear to work. If the dad in your life is more casual, T-shirts and golf shirts make great gifts as well.

You can find many novelty T-shirts with phrases about dads and Father’s Day. You can also look for a shirt that he can wear to work or on casual days when he goes out.

Monogrammed Cufflinks
Whether he wears a suit to work or just a nice dinner, a part of you will be with him when he adds these handsome monogrammed cufflinks to his outfit. They are a fashionable way for him to have a reminder that someone cares. If he’s in a business meeting, each time he sees them he knows you’re there to offer support and help him through it.

While women tend to get jewelry on special holidays, watches are a good choice for men of Father’s Day. There are watches for athletes, casual watches, and dress watches made from precious metals and gemstones.

You can find a watch to meet just about any need or budget. Men can always use another watch to go with their wardrobe. This is a timeless gift that he will enjoy for years and years.

If he already has a collection of watches, you might consider getting him a nice watch and sunglasses case. Not only can it be personalized for an extra special touch, but it is the perfect gift to help him stay organized and stop “misplacing” his favorite watch and glasses.

Backpack Cooler Chair
From tailgating to picnicking, dad will always make this backpack cooler chair the first accessory to bring. It’s a cooler that doubles as a chair that triples as a backpack. What more could he ask for? Oh yeah, his name embroidered onto it! This is one of the ultimate gifts you can buy for Father’s Day.

Customized BBQ Kit
There’s never a bad time to replace your dad’s bbq kit, especially when they’re customized. This popular customized BBQ Kit set will help inspire him to start cooking more this summer!

A Personalized Robe
There’s nothing more relaxing than lounging in a robe. That’s why a personalized robe makes the perfect gift for a day when all he is supposed to do is relax.

Does the Dad in your life love to read? Consider gifting him the next installment in a book series he is reading, a gift card to his favorite bookstore, or a Kindle Fire.

There are many other gifts you can get Dad on Father’s day, including:

  • Golf equipment
  • Collectibles (geek, music, automobile, or sports)
  • Wearable tech
  • Video game gifts
  • DVD sets to his favorite shows

Just listen to what he’s always talking about (sports teams, TV shows, etc.) and try to find a gift that fits his preferences. He’ll love the fact that you’ve picked up on it without him having to put in a request. If he’s a fan of Firefly, check out our shiny Firefly gift guide!

Father’s Day Crafts

While store bought gifts are always an option, there’s nothing more personal than something handmade by you or your child for a special dad. These one of a kind gifts will warm his heart and let you know how much you love him and think about him.

Keepsake Box Craft
You and your child can make a keepsake box using popsicle craft sticks. Place a smaller gift inside if you would like, or use it to store memories of Dad’s special moments with the family. Our My Dad Rocks Keepsake Box is an easy craft for kids and they’ll be proud of their homemade gift for Dad!

Handprint Crafts
Handprint crafts are a wonderful way to freeze a moment of time. Over the years you can see how much your children have grown by looking at the growth from tiny hands to those of a teen and adult.

You can purchase handprint kits to make and decorate a hand imprint in plaster. This can serve as a lifelong memory of a sweet time in your child’s life. Handprints can also be used to create art that looks like animals or to decorate plates.

Making a simple handprint with paint on paper and framing it makes a wonderful gift as well. Handprints are so special because no two are alike. They serve as a reminder of the unique child celebrating his Dad.

You can also make a scrapbook all about the kids and their dad. Allow them to write special messages, include photos, and have them draw pictures of the times they’ve spent with him. This is a one of a kind gift that he’ll love. You can also make your own photo book with Walgreens. The kids could sign the inside cover!

Coupon Book
Kids can make coupon books to give for Father’s Day. This can include special coupons for doing extra chores, helping their dad with a special project, making his favorite meal or just spending time together.

This is a very inexpensive idea that can be adapted to fit any family. You can hand write the coupons and put them in a booklet or envelope. Then when he’s ready to redeem one, he can take it out of the book and turn it in.

Letter for Expecting Fathers
If you have a man in your life who is about to become a father, you can write a special letter from your unborn baby to him. When writing this letter, think about all of the qualities you think he has that will make him a great dad.

This can be a fun way to let him know he’ll be a father if he doesn’t know yet or to give him a reminder of how much you love him and of the exciting new life changes that are coming. It’s truly a sweet and touching gift for a father-to-be!

You might also consider scanning the sonogram pictures and putting them in a digital photo frame so that he can see them ahead of time. The 3D and 4D images that have color are great, too!

Father’s Day Activities

Sometimes the best gift you can give your father is spending time together. Consider giving the gift of an outing that you can enjoy with the dad or with the whole family. Think about local attractions or ones within close driving distance. Save time and money with Viator! Find and book tours and activities ahead and have more time for fun.

Is there a movie he wants to see? Why not take him to it and provide him with all of the movie treats he could want? After the movie you can go somewhere to spend time talking about it.

You should also think about other local attractions. Does he like to play golf? Why not buy him a round at his favorite course and plan to play with him that day?

If he’s interested in cars, look for a local car show that you can attend together. When you present him with an outing that matches his interests it shows you really know him and care about him.

Father’s Day happens right around baseball season. This is the perfect time to take him out to the ballgame. You can go to a major league game or if you’re on a tighter budget try a minor league game.

Hopefully you can attend a game on the actual day, but if not you can always place the tickets in his Father’s Day card.

Father’s Day Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

Sharing a meal together is a great way to celebrate any holiday. Moms usually get breakfast in bed, but dads like it, too! Make his favorite breakfast foods and treat him to a breakfast he’ll enjoy.

If you have a big family with many dads, you can also consider hosting a Father’s Day Brunch.

Invite the extended family over for a brunch featuring egg dishes, ham, biscuits, or go with another themed breakfast idea like a cereal or waffle bar. You can ask your guests to bring a side dish and present all the dads with a special gift or card.

If you’d rather not have to clean your house and prepare a big meal, look for restaurants that host special Father’s Day brunches. This is a great way to share a meal while leaving the cooking and cleaning to someone else.

If you decide to go to a restaurant, make sure you call ahead. Some restaurants only take reservations on special days.

You should also ask about the menu. On a busy holiday many restaurants will opt for a buffet or a set menu to accommodate the crowd. You don’t want to get turned away at a restaurant when you’re ready to celebrate.

We hope these Father’s Day gift ideas help you find the perfect gifts for Dad to make him feel special!