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Father’s Day Gift Guide: I Want You to Know Me {Book Review}

Disclosure: We received a copy of a book to review. This post contains affiliate links.

My husband is the family historian. The guardian of family photos and documents. While looking through pictures is fun, the most interesting finds have been old letters that family members had written. It was a real glimpse into their life. This is the kind of information we wish to pass down, now that we know how powerful and meaningful it can be. This is why I was very interested in the I Want You to Know Me series of books.

I received a copy of I Want You to Know Me… Mom & Dad to review. I was so glad to get this one so that Brian and I can both fill it out for our daughter. The great thing about this series is that they have one for just about any family member. So, for Father’s Day, you could gift I Want You to Know Me… Love Dad! In the book I have, there is a section for Mom to fill out and a section fr Dad. There are over 100 questions that don’t seem exciting at first glance, but the answers are what make it special.

Questions like:

  • What color is your hair?
  • Can you roll your Rs?
  • Can you roll your tongue? If yes, can you make it into a “w”? (I can!)
  • What are you afraid of?

This will be a nice book to accompany Rissa’s baby book. She’ll have lots of great information and memories on paper to keep her feeling connected no matter how far apart we are later in life. I think this could be a fun bonding activity for older kids and teens too. (Heck, even adult children!)  You could sit down together and have the child(ren) ask the questions as an interview and record the answers. This would also provide opportunities to open up further discussion with follow up questions.

The inspiration behind these books was a woman battling cancer who wanted her children to know her. She wanted to give them as much information about herself as possible so they would feel connected to her and feel like they truly knew her as a person. She wanted them to feel she was still part of their lives after she was gone.

I also liked the little quotes and other tidbits in the margins. I especially liked the one that said some people say freckles are angel kisses. I was told that often as a child. I liked thinking that’s where mine came from!

These make a great gift for virtually any family member!

Catherine L.

Tuesday 14th of June 2011

The entire collection would be great for the newest addition to our family, scheduled to arrive in December. We often forget the simple things, so these would be a great way to connect.


Saturday 11th of June 2011

My dad passed away before my kids were born. It would have been nice to have had something like this to pass on to them.


Saturday 11th of June 2011

What a great idea!! I think I would actually like to do this for my grandparents - interview my mom and dad about what they were like so I can know more about them. You're right - even though some of the questions seem so basic - just knowing these little things can be special! :)


Friday 10th of June 2011

So cute, especially to give to someone for a baby shower.


Thursday 9th of June 2011

I LOVE this idea for making memories for my children! How cool.