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Bring on Brinner! 12 Breakfast for Dinner Recipes

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I love breakfast foods, but I don’t get to enjoy as many of them as I would like at breakfast. This is why I love breakfast for dinner. Or, dinner for breakfast when I was working third shift.

When I was pregnant, I really liked having breakfast for dinner because a lot of my favorites were too carb heavy for my gestational diabetes to handle in the morning. But, I was less insulin resistant in the  evening. Hello, pancakes!

Really any dish that calls for eggs, bacon, and/or potatoes can be considered a breakfast recipe, but they are just as delicious at 5PM as they are at 5AM. (Well, I don’t eat breakfast at 5AM so I might be wrong.) My favorites are omelettes or sausage and potatoes. Yuuuum.

In this collection, I included classic steak and eggs along with a few egg scrambles and casseroles. The Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich looks delicious and the Mashed Potato Waffles are super  clever.

Looking through these makes me very hungry!

As much as I love pancakes, doughuts and waffles, I mostly left those out in this round up. I’ll gladly eat them for dinner though! I also left out biscuits and gravy since I pretty much always had that as dinner rather than breakfast.

What is your favorite breakfast-turned-dinner recipe?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.