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Blushing Bride Punch Recipe (Non Alcoholic)

As I was doing my final shopping for my Bridesmaids party, I was trying to come up with a punch recipe to try. I asked my fans on Facebook for their input. They had so many great punch recipes to share! I took them all into consideration, then tweaked and combined a few to make…

Blushing Bride Punch

  • 1 jug Hawaiin Punch
  • 5 cans Natural Sierra Mist
  • Several scoops of Rainbow Sherbet

I chilled the punch and soda before making it. I added the Hawaiin Punch to the bowl first, then the sherbet. Pouring the soda over the sherbet made it nice and bubbly!

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Thursday 22nd of September 2011

I make something similar with raspberry ginger ale and raspberry sherbert! YUM!

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