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Beautiful Bonding Through #Breastfeeding

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Among the plethora of benefits from breastfeeding, my personal favorite is the bonding time. Sure, I’m happy about providing nutrition and all, but for me, nothing compares to the emotional connection provided during a nursing session. I think this is one reason I’m not looking forward to weaning. Is it selfish? Maybe a little, but Rissa seems to find comfort in it too.


Totally precious, right?


I can be having a crummy day or baby girl is extra fussy, but we both feel better after a nursing session. It calms us both (unless she’s refusing the breast or bites or pinches…) and we get some cuddle time.

I love looking into her big brown eyes and feeling so much love for her. Sometimes I sing to her and she smiles. She’ll reach for my face or hair. I might pretend to nom her hands or feet. It’s a time we can be playful.

She wiggles around a lot more now though, so I feel like the bonding sessions are slipping away. Sure, we have other bonding moments, but mothering at the breast has meant more to me than I ever thought it could.

My absolute favorite? Is when she places her little hand over my heart while she’s breastfeeding.

I wish I could elaborate more or share words of wisdom, but I can’t seem to convey the warmth our sessions hold. I can say the bonding piece is private. While I can nurse her just about anywhere (including the zoo) we don’t necessarily “bond” at every session.

Is the beauty of mother and child joined – bonded – what makes people uncomfortable? I’ve heard some say the sound of baby swallowing at the breast is disgusting.

I say it’s music to my ears.

What say you?


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