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A Day In My Life…

I wrote a post over at And The Little Ones Too today! I talk about my love-hate relationship with laundry. Go read! It will (hopefully) bring a smile to your face!

Here’s a little teaser…

Before having a baby, I hated doing laundry. I would do my best to wear every article of clothing I owned before resorting to such an awful chore. That’s right, I was one of those young college girls who loaded up their car full of dirty laundry and went home every month to wash it all.

After getting married, I still didn’t like laundry. I did mine – he did his.

During my pregnancy, laundry became more exciting – anticipatory, even, but also a little terrifying. (What if she was a he? I thought, as I washed pretty pink blankets and dresses.)


Now, go read the rest!

Mama Spaghetti

Wednesday 4th of May 2011

You's not DOING the laundry that I don't like, it's PUTTING AWAY the laundry. I don't even mind folding it...

Though, I too found myself enjoying laundry a bit when I was getting new cloth diapers all the time. Not so much anymore...maybe I need to order some more fluff!


Wednesday 4th of May 2011

Great guest post! And good luck with the laundry :)

Megan @ Loving the little things

Wednesday 4th of May 2011

I don't understand anyone that says they LOVE laundry...I think they're lying!